Five Reasons Why a Final Fantasy VII Remake or Sequel WILL Happen

PS Uni writes: "To say a FFVII remake would be highly anticipated is a gross understatement. Square Enix, though, has been good about killing any rumors when they start, most notably in an interview with OXM.

Seems as final as you could get, that. Fortunately for all of us, it’s bollocks; here are a few reasons why."

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Abash2441d ago

Im so tired about hearing about a FFVII remake. That's not what SE should be focusing on, they need to make a new main FF game that undoes the damage the FFXIII games and FFXIV: Online did to the series and restores faith in SE.

Snookies122441d ago

Yes I agree they need to make something that restores faith. Though an FF7 remake could possibly do that.

fluffydelusions2441d ago (Edited 2441d ago )

A remake wont undo a tarnished image. Everyone knows FFVII was good. They need to prove they can still make quality games not just re-release older games that were already known good.

Snookies122441d ago

And I agree with you as well, FF7 was already good and it won't do much in terms of proving that they haven't lost their touch. However, a remake would at least show that they are listening to the fans if nothing else.

iamtehpwn2441d ago

What Square Enix be doing is focusing on making Final Fantasy XV a game as good as Final Fantasy VII, instead of simply remaking Final Fantasy VII.

But an FFVII remake sure as hell would be nice.

zeal0us2441d ago (Edited 2441d ago )

I love FF7 it was first and favorite JRPG, but its time to stop with the "ff7 remake" stuff. SE need to focus on fixing the brand beside they already got a bunch of projects on their hands. You would likely see KH3 before you would see a FF7 remake.

NukaCola2441d ago

Oh how I would rather have a Kingdom Hearts III as well. Square just doesn't know what they are doing anymore. not one console game with any bit of quality and the are the publisher of PAL region COD games. I mean can we even trust SE to remaster FF X without ruining it or do a FF VII remake without completely destroying the heart of the game. SE has zero fan service abilities. I'd rather have great memories than to have them ruin one of the classic RPGs I love.

We want a third Chrono game, a remake of pretty much all the FFs from 6-10 and KH3 and of course a new Bushido Blade. But no matter how many times we ask, SE wont listen. I am learning to walk to away. Tired of disappointment. It's very sad but this is how it must be for at least my sanity. I don't like it when a company lies to you and SE is pretty mush burnt ever bridge they drove over this generation or well...since they stopped being Squaresoft.

blumatt2441d ago (Edited 2441d ago )

Yeah, if they're gonna re-make a FF game, re-make FF 8. I loved it the best.

They NEED to finish and release Versus 13 and keep it exclusive too. We want to see what a PS3 only FF title can look and play like.

A FF 7 remake is just not gonna happen anytime soon. Maybe on the next gen consoles, but I doubt it even then.

jthamind2441d ago

i don't understand how releasing an old game restores faith in your company. it doesn't show that you can make good games again, it just shows what you used to be. yes, a Final Fantasy VII remake would be awesome, but that doesn't take away from the fact that when SE makes games nowadays, you get stuff like 13 and 13-2, for better or worse.

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Nitrowolf22441d ago

They need to get FF Versus 13 out ASAP
been way to long since that game been announced

rdgneoz32441d ago

Yep, though sadly that won't happen for a while. They never release any new info about it, and then they had an article not too long ago that the same team doing versus was gonna be working on a new game (though they never said if it was before or after versus gets released, which is what worries me).

Found the article...

Kenshin_BATT0USAI2441d ago

It's a mistranslation. It's just a countdown to Final Fantasy Theatrhythm, hence the theatrhythm tidus avatar.

Lord_Sloth2441d ago

I think they need to stop taking Nomura's team for Kitase's crap projects and allow Nomura to finish his games for once.

iamtehpwn2441d ago

Kitase's crap projects? Kitase was the Director of Final Fantasy VII and VIII. As a director, the man is on or above Nomura's level.

The person you mean to blame is Motomu Toriyama (the real creative force behind X-2 and XIII)...or I suppose you could play Kitase for allow Toriyama for getting away with what he's done with the franchise.

Whitefox7892441d ago

Agree'd man they also need to take FF 13 Versus out of the title, I think it should literally just be called Versus or just FF Versus.

I also agree with iamtehpwn Toriyama needs to stop making mainstream FF games, I would rather have Kitase back at the helm or have Nomura take a shot.

Lord_Sloth2441d ago

Kitase may have done some good projects in the past but right now all he's doing is stalling Versus XIII which is pissing me off.

The person I mean to blame is Kitase. His past projects don't suddenly make his present projects any better.

Greyfoxdbz2441d ago

I don't know man, they have been on somewhat of a losing streak. FF10-2, 11, 12, 13, 13-2 are all pretty bad Final Fantasy titles in my opinion. The 6 year production time of Final Fantasy versus 13 demonstrates the lack of confidence, decent management, and insecurity on their part.
I suppose at this point what else can they do besides a remake of an awesome classic. They have already started down that path too in the form of the FF10 remaster (Not that I'm complaining).

Wintersun6162441d ago

12 was an awesome game. Gazillion times better than 13 in almost every aspect. But otherwise I agree with you.

Jihaad_cpt2441d ago

I really enjoyed 12. It will go down as a favourite for me personally

Ranma12441d ago (Edited 2441d ago )

I fear SE will ruin it if they made it, adding an auto battle feature which makes the game play itself while you watch.

They will market it as an innovation !

Never under estimate the stupidity of SE.

Remember, this is a company that moved it's headquarters twice, based on advice from a fortune teller called pao. Look it up

syanara2441d ago

I can give you 5 reasons why it SHOULDN't Happen,

1. There are better Final Fantasy Games that should be remade better that VII

2. Square has more than enough on their plate right now and I want to see FFVersus XIII and Kingdom Hearts 3 before we even begin to talk about anything with FFVII

3. more has been done for VII than has been done almiost any video game short of a full sequel, between crisis Core, Advent Children, and Dirge of Cerberus I am tired of VII

4: to make the game still relevant beyond just a fan base a lot would have to be changed in the game which would end up making it very distant from the original which would up set the fans and still not be enough for new comers.

5. VII just is not that good of a game as far as Final Fantasy goes, it is massively overrated by the industry and fans. want a better final fantasy you can go either way from VII. VIII and VI are both decently better titles in my opinion and should be given a little more attention in the case of sequels or remakes in anything

Megaman_nerd2441d ago

You haven't even played FF7 yet....

syanara2440d ago

@megaman Nerd,

Trust me, I've played and beat FFVII many times and yes it is a great game but that doesn't negate the fact that it is an extremely overrated game nonetheless. I will say this about Final Fantasy though, My favorite part about the classics (like FFVII) was the side quest and the open-world system it had. ever since FFX there has been less and less use of side quest and open world gaming in the series to the point on pure linearity.

FFVII had some of the best side quests from getting the hidden characters (like yuffie (though I hated that broad lol)) to the cool things you could do at that casino and games area. Now I know there is nothing I can say to prove I have played FFVII more than most of the other games I have but being as large of a FFVII fan I am that does not deny my ability to approve of their other games even more.

Kos-Mos2441d ago

What bloody damage? It`s only in the west media is complaining because they have found salvation in a gun without depth(me,gears,cod,halo,killzo ne). Still it tops the sales charts. Get out of the old world and welcome the new. I`m playing Final Fantasy XIII-2 and it`s a fantastic game.
Ps: I`ve been around since Final Fantasy V.

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TheRichterBelmont2441d ago

1) They'll make a crap-ton of Money.
2) They'll make a crap-ton of Money.
3) They'll make a crap-ton of Money.
4) They'll make a crap-ton of Money.
5) They'll make a crap-ton of Money.

CowardDuck2441d ago

I suppose it would have been a quicker article if I did it like that lol

Duoma2441d ago

Although I personally would like to see a remake of any of the older games (9 on back) I really dont think it will happen. It was reported already that half the original staff up and went. this article sounds more like wishful thinking instead of presenting cold hard facts.

sarshelyam2441d ago

There was a's called Advent Children. You also have Dirge of Cerberus, another sequel. Then you have Crisis Core...that was a prequel...alongside Before Crisis (also a prequel). I think we have enough covering the moments before, and after FFVII, but a remake? That I can get behind.

That said, I won't hold my breath. I have far too much to do in this life to be waiting on a remake of a game I enjoyed a decade and a half ago.

Pozzle2441d ago

I think they mean a sequel to Dirge of Cerberus, since it had a "To Be Continued..." secret ending.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI2441d ago

What Pozzel said. They left the story in a cliffhanger. Genesis comes back saying 'there's more work to be done' and then it ends. Doesn't sound very conclusive.

sarshelyam2440d ago

Nor does it directly commit to a sequel. That's a classic tool to drive the imagination, but a cop-out for sequel confirmation.

Knight_Cid2441d ago

Sorry but I cant take this seriously.

Even if you didnt like 13. It wasnt the only FF game this gen

"I’m not saying a series like FF can’t be great today"

it stil is

"but players like having the choice that games like Mass Effect and Dragon Age offer them, and the fact that it’s a JRPG does hurt it. "

Did players like dragon age 2? did players like the non rpg ness of mass effect?

just saying

sensationalism, generalization, lie

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