Kojima Productions Recruiting at GDC

During the Kojima Productions podcast it was announced Kojima Productions will be recruiting for new staff members during the upcoming Games Developer's Conference, which will be held in March. According to the developer, this news is 'bigger than you think'.

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ANIALATOR1362221d ago

sounds like they could be working on something big. Testing MGS5 for PS4 maybe?

Nyxus2221d ago

It could have something to do with next gen systems indeed. That's not too unlikely.

Voxelman2221d ago

After what happened with Rising and what Kojima said about hiring leads from outside the company for future projects he wouldn't be handling himself. I would guess that he is looking for some experienced leads to come in and get the studio in line, now that he has a management position at Konami he can't micromanage every project anymore.

Nyxus2221d ago

It should also be taken into account that every game from Kojima Productions will be multiplatform from now on (at least, that's the idea with the Fox Engine). Kojima himself is working on Project Ogre, and who knows what the rest of the staff is working on, aside from Rising.

MrBeatdown2220d ago

The best part? All new recruits will be extracted from GDC using Fulton Recovery balloons.

Nyxus2220d ago

Or Kojima does a HALO jump.

ElliePage2220d ago

It's 2012. There is no longer a such thing as big news from Kojima Productions.