DPAD Mario Kart Wii Preview

One of Nintendo's most widely-revered franchises returns to console Gamers in the form of the soon to be released Mario Kart Wii; one of the most highly anticipated Nintendo games in recent memory.

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Makawee3742d ago

I stopped reading at :
", the plastic steering wheel peripheral (a'la Ubisoft's Excite Truck wheel)"

Excite truck was made by Ubisoft it seems...

ChickeyCantor3742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )

i dont think he meant the game is made by ubisoft only the wheel, but agree that phrase is a bit weird .

i think he meant the GT pro Wheel because thats made by ubi

LanRanger3742d ago

I'm pretty certain he meant to refer to Ubisoft's Monster 4X4 World Circuit which comes with a steering wheel.

Si-Pie3742d ago

Should be interesting on how this controls. I also wonder WHEN nintendo will release the original Super Mario Kart over virtual console????