Quick Write A Negative Vita Article

PushStartSelect: "The PlayStation Vita released this week to early adopters, and will be coming out next week for everyone else. It is one hell of a device, and any gamer that gets their hands on it will absolutely love it. It isn’t your stereotypical wannabe gaming tablet or over priced phone, it is a fully fledged gaming handheld. However even that can’t stop the negative press from coming in."

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Dante1122433d ago

So true. Funny how these types of articles don't get approved.

TheGamingArt2433d ago

That was worth me clicking. Thank you for typing this out and posting it. Seriously people, why can't we have true professionalism like this out there. You know Obvious = Obvious.

Virtual_Reality2433d ago

Good article, this was worth it.

MrDead2433d ago (Edited 2433d ago )

What a positive article about the Vita?! This will never get hits on N4G.

Good read

KongRudi2433d ago

I definately agree.
It seems like that's how most journalists in the industry like to work. But they dosn't seem all that bright, Giantbomb-people did a livestream, with short segments of the singleplayer-campaign of alot of launch-games - but none of the three (!) journalists in the quicklook-live stream reacted when Jeff claimed he didn't think the Vita had a microphone.
And there is a game in the Welcome Park-software wich have you yelling into the microphone, and mixing it up..

Dosn't seem that the 'journalists' do that much research before they start covering the device, websites like that shouldn't receive press-kits, for future hardware. :-/

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