Will Mass Effect 3’s “Action Mode” Ruin The Game?

The first chance at some hands on with Mass Effect 3 hit the internet this week as the single-player demo became available. The many fans of this franchise can finally try the new mechanics, experience the continuation of the epic story and ogle the new graphics.

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FrightfulActions2411d ago

This is rather silly. I've seen people play through Mass Effect 2 as if it was 'action' mode - they skip all the dialogue and just want the shooting. I don't agree with it, I feel like they're greatly missing out, I do not know why some people choose to play that way, and it kinda annoys me to see them do it. That being said, it's their choice.

I think it's great ME3 gives so much freedom and choice on how you play the game. Some people do not want the same type of experience from Mass Effect as others. Some don't care about the decisions (again, I dont know why, but there are those who just want to shoot things). From what I recall, the three modes are Action, Role Play, and Story. Role Play is the 'classic' that mixes both. Some people just want to play it like a shooter - good for them. It isn't my style, not my preference, but if someone else wants to play action why not let them? Least they're enjoying the game.

They still get to see the story, the only difference is that the level of immersion is greatly limited. But again, some people don't care about that stuff, they'd skip all the talking anyway. Hell, some people complain that the game has too much story and talk and not enough action. I don't feel that way, but some people do. It's nice that Bioware has added the option for these individuals, it's a interesting way to make the game play to one's personal preference.

While I do think those who don't play it on the 'classic' role play mode are greatly missing out, that doesn't change the fact that there's people out there who genuinely don't care. It's there right, its not like how they play the game is going to make my playthrough any less fun. Also I don't see it being a big deal that Action mode makes you be the iconic default Commander Shepard. You would be shocked at how many people, even those who play it rpg style, don't customize their Shepard. I can't imagine playing the game as any other Shepard other than my own, I could never enjoy it as default because it wouldn't feel like the real Shepard to me anymore.

I never would had believed that many people used default. "Why use default and solider class, who would do something so boring" I'd say to myself. But that's because it's my preference not to, you'd be surprised how many people feel differently. A lot of people play default Shepard, a lot of people play soldier. If that is how they enjoy the game, power to them. Besides, if you want to play action mode and still customize, you can probably start the game in role play mode, make your Shepard, the when the game starts go to the options and toggle it to Action. I don't know for certain if that is possible, but it could be.

To say that the game is ruined because it gives too much freedom to how people can play the game, is just silly. There IS a potential problem with Mass Effect 3's Action mode, and it is one that no one has mentioned yet apparently. The problem is that the Action mode, at least in the ps3 Demo, was the default selected gamemode. This is a pretty big deal, I think. The default selected gamemode should be Role Play - NOT Action. That does not mean they should remove Action from the options, I'm just saying that the first highlighted choice should be the Role Play mode. Why Action is the default selected mode is beyond me. That would be easy to change I think, though, and hopefully they do patch it in the release. It's a small thing, sure, but I think it's important for new players to know what the true experience of Mass Effect should be.

Blacktric2411d ago (Edited 2411d ago )

"I think it's great ME3 gives so much freedom and choice on how you play the game."

This. But of course since this is Mass Effect 3, intelligent crowd of N4G will find another way to trash it too. They were complaining about fewer customization options in ME 2. Bioware added more to the game with ME 3 yet they're still complaining even when they haven't played the game. They were complaining about the inclusion of multiplayer. I've, alongside most of the other people who played the multiplayer portion of the demo realized that it's one of THE BEST horde mode type multiplayer games ever. Hell, some smartasses are still complaining about how Mass Effect 2 had too much dialogue while others still claim that it wasn't an RPG game. So it's only natural that they'd find the inclusion of Action Mode and Story Mode options as a way of dumbing the game down for everyone instead of making the game more accessible for every type of player WITHOUT DUMBING IT DOWN.

Echo3072411d ago (Edited 2411d ago )

Yeah, what he said. I stopped reading at the end of the first paragraph when the author says "Unfortunately, players who choose the “Action” option are playing the game wrong."

There's no "wrong" way to play a game if you're playing in the manor that entertains you the most.

And for the gamers that want the traditional Mass Effect experience, they can get that too. It's a win for everyone.

cervantes992411d ago (Edited 2411d ago )

Agreed. More choice is always a good thing. I can still play ME3 like the first two so I'm good. Besides the more gamers the series attracts, the more ME games to come.

I think they have a great system to appeal to all but the most ardent of RPG enthusiests.

Bravo BioWare!

Redempteur2411d ago

Action is default because it's new and begin by A.
At least that's what i'd like to think of this.
I'm gonna pick role play anyway

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SeraphimBlade2411d ago

Like I said in my blog entry about it, I don't see the point of it, but I don't see the harm in it either. You would think you would give a player MORE choice if you wanted to keep them engaged. It's not that some players don't like choice, it's that they don't like cutscenes in general. (take note, Square Enix, next time you try to expand your audience) Anyone with half a brain will be picking role-playing or story mode.

TheGOODKyle2411d ago

Ummm...if you don't like it don't choose action mode?

stragomccloud2411d ago

That's a dumb question. They're not forcing you to do it.

ZeroWil2411d ago

I actually think this a fantastic decision. There are people who may enjoy the story, but simply don't want to deal with the 'micromanagement' you might say. Though I think its a little restrictive, not allowing players to customize the character or change class, but anything can change from now to March 6th.
Besides, this doesn't affect me at all, so no complaints.

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