New Devil May Cry 4 PS3 console bundle

It seems like bundling games with consoles is a good idea these days (Look at the Wii and Wiisport in America, or Wiiplay and its extra controller). Well, Capcom wants to get a piece of it, and today, the boxart for the console bundle in Japan has been revealed. Now the white one looks sexy!

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Account deleted3718d ago

this bundle is going to sell tons of ps3s in japan, there they are like devil frenzy

Skerj3718d ago (Edited 3718d ago )

God damn I want this bundle!! But I already have one :( Too bad it's the 40gb or they could have sweetened the deal by throwing in the first 3 DMC's (yes even 2) and the anime.

Andronicus3718d ago (Edited 3718d ago )

wait they have black 40s in jpn now lol

CeruleanSky3718d ago

Capcom needs to stop crying to gamers about their own bad decisions.

They made the decision to downgrade DMC4 to be able to run on the weak 360 graphics hardware. Acting shocked and surprised that gamers aren't interested in supporting lowest common denominator crap is just pathetic.

Capcom is reaping what they have sown.

2008 has an absolute insane number of real next gen PS3 games coming out. It is going to take years to restore Capcom's shattered reputation.

Death3718d ago

I know as a fan it is easy to think everything is run on magic, but the reality is devs are in the business to actually make money. Developing a game costs millions today and resources are not limitless. I won't debate the quality of graphics since you are already convinced the PS3 is capable of making better games, but you need to look at this from the fecs perspective. Devil May Cry like any other game has a budget and also a window in which it has to ship. Not every devs can or wants to pour countless millions into a game and have it ship late to better "take advantage" of a certain piece of hardware.

If you honestly feel games are only worth buying if they use the most of a consoles specs, a.) you aren't really a gamer since you are missing the point behind gaming and b.) you probably don't own any games.


UltramanJ3718d ago

A white PS3? This was the perfect time to make a limited edition red or wine colored PS3. Since there's nothing special about this PS3 I don't know if it'll sell out or not. I'm not sure just how popular DMC is in a Japan that's becoming more and more nongame centric.

shrimpboat3718d ago

If I saw this next to a 360 Arcade Bundle and a Wii Sports bundle. I would go strait to the DMC4 PS3 bundle oh yeah.

Death3718d ago

Anyhow, as a PS3 fan you would pick the PS3 bundle regardless. At the price point you are comparing to, the $399+ PS3 bundle against the $279 and $249 competiton make this an unfair comparison. The other thing to keep in mind is neither the PS3 or Xbox are close enough to mass market penetration to make a differance at this time with a bundle. Not to mention this is in Japan...

This is a very nice bundle that will help convert existing Playstation fans that have been waiting to make the switch to the PS3. I hope it sells very well and Sony considers bringing it Stateside where they really need all the help they can get.


cellypower3718d ago

Because the $279 360 arcade is a ripoff, it would be smarter to buy the premium.

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The story is too old to be commented.