Playstation Vita For $99.99 With Trade Ins At Future Shop

In order to get you to buy the Playstation Vita at Future Shop, they are running a great trade in promotion that will allow you to get the Vita for $99.99.

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TrendyGamers2493d ago

Depending on the list, this good be a great way to get rid of some older games.

InFAMOUS12492d ago

Will be mostly all new games.. To some this may be a good deal but future shop runs big trade-ins like this every once and a while and the last 249.99 item was the wireless 5.1 turtle beach headphones. The only difference was that you got them foe FREE with 5 games traded..

This promo is just raking in the cash... 5 games they sell for 49.99 each thus making them 100 bucks every time someone does this deal... No thanks

acronkyoung2493d ago

Still on the fence about getting a Vita, but this deal is pretty great.

morganfell2493d ago

Picked up my 3G First Edition yesterday from BestBuy and haven't been to bed yet. It's one of the two best consoles I have ever owned.

pain777pas2493d ago

The Vita is the business. Glare is a problem in the day but my goodness... in perfect lighting conditions the screen is gorgeous and you will want to play any and every game on this thing. I cannot believe how much flak the system is getting. The Hardware is awesome and UMVC3 looks ridiculously good. PSP games look and PLAY great (maybe too great). All in all it was hard to put down and can possibly replace a console for most use. Yes the system is well designed. UI could be alot better but for gaming this is excellent.

TrendyGamers2493d ago

I'm waiting for them to add Little Big Planet to the list of compatible games, I grabbed it for free during the Welcome Back program and want to finally play it!

pain777pas2493d ago

I know I havent tried it yet. there are games like the Capcom collection that are not listed and it works. I am going to try Wipeout, Sega collection and LBP right now through the PS3 though. I will return with my report.

pain777pas2493d ago

Wipeout does not work. LBP is too large for my memory card so I cannot comment on that game. However, Open tee hot shots works, Burnout legends works and I am waiting for the Sega collection to finish downloading. If the Sega collection works that is like 200hours of gaming right there.

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GamePodunk2493d ago

Hmm, I may have to check this out!

bwazy2493d ago (Edited 2493d ago )

Just throwing this out there, tried a demo version at a gamestop and within 10 mins my right hand was cramped. Might not apply to everyone, but as a musician I gotta watch out for this sh*t. Just try it before you buy it.

But seriously though other than me not being able to fricking use it, it is one hell of impressive tech.

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