Free Memory Card And $20 Credit With Playstation Vita Purchase At Future Shop

With the release of the Playstation Vita First Edition Bundle behind us, it it time to look ahead to the release of the regular Playstation Vita. Well, if you’re planning on picking it up on February 22nd or 23rd, Future Shop has a great deal waiting for you.

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Dante1122375d ago

Nice, I think I might take advantage of this.

TrendyGamers2375d ago

Yeah, I know where I'm picking up my Vita now.


Anything that helps save a buck I'm all for.

shodan742375d ago

Its deals like this that are going to tempt people who are on the fence regarding the price. Looks a great piece of hardware, anyway.

TrendyGamers2375d ago

$40 worth of free stuff really does help!

MasterCornholio2375d ago (Edited 2375d ago )

For 240€ I am getting a WiFi vita with an 8GB memory stick. And from amazon due to a contest I am getting a 32GB memory stick for free.

Looks like memory will not be a problem for me. Now I only have the hard case and games to worry about.


jukins2375d ago

Man seeing these great deals overseas is kinda making me think about waiting in hopes that US retailers do something similar

Blaine2374d ago

What sea are you referring to? Future Shop is in Canada.

jukins2374d ago

eh i meant to say outside the US my bad

f7897902374d ago

Target is giving a $20 gift card to people after you buy your Vita pre-ordered from them.

I think it's too late though. Someone really should have posted that as news.

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