Yakuza Dead Souls Gets New Trailer

Yakuza Dead Souls, the latest game in the Yakuza franchise, differs from past games, the main reasons being that Sega have turned it into a third person shooter, with zombies. As we are getting close to launch Sega have decided to release a new trailer for the game, showcasing the mini games you can play in it.

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ShadyDevil2495d ago

I didn't know they were going to put mini-games on top of the zombie madness. Thats kind of cool! Wonder if they involve zombies in some way.

NukaCola2495d ago

I played the JP demo over a year ago. It was about 2 hours long. There was a dating scene which was mini games and such. I of course didn't understand much. But after playing it I have to say the game plays well, feels very Japanese. The action is slick, the combat is fun. The game really just felt good and different. I liked it very much. I love the QTE when in combat. Like when you shoot a gas tank or a scaffle sending debris down on a group of zombies.

akiraburn2495d ago

Definitely agree NukaCola. I also grabbed the JP demo a year ago and had a lot of fun with it. Its crazy how long and in-depth they end up making the Japanese demos for this series. I remember playing the Yakuza 4 demo off the JP store and that was like 3 hours long.

I don't know if either of you were prior fans of the Yakuza series, but if you haven't checked them out I would highly recommend them. Right now you can get Yakuza 3 and 4 for less than $20 each, and you won't need to have played Yakuza 1 or 2 to know whats happening, because there are lengthy videos at the beginning of each game to explain everything that happened in the prior ones.

I've became a huge fan of the series around the time the second game was localized, so I'm getting this as a day-one release. Its just a shame that Tales of Graces F and Yakuza: Dead Souls are releasing on the same day (plus Binary Domain, the Yakuza team's other game, releases just two weeks prior), because they're both part of a smaller market which really should be seeing much larger sales, given the quality and sheer amount of content in them, to encourage the publishers and developers to make and localize these faster and more often.

Rob9462495d ago

I to played the demo a year ago, I was very impressed by the length and game. Yakuza 3 and 4 were both great games, some stores now have Yakuza 4 for under 5 pounds in England which to me is one of the best deals around. Anyway very excited for this game and whatever else is coming next in the series such as Yakuza 5. BTW ShadyDevil, I believe you can fish for zombies, and also play table tennis against them!