New Far Cry 3 screenshots, explosion heavy

IncGamers: 10 new screens with a focus on explosions, guns, knives and guys in lab coats

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iamironman1987d ago

look like mock ups to me. game wont look that good

chanmasta1987d ago

On consoles, no. But they will for PC, believe me.

theeg1987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

it'll look better than that on a good pc, but you are correct that it will not look that good on console.

pr0digyZA1987d ago

Remember the lead platform for this game is PC. They said it started on PC so they wanted to carry on there.

"Ubisoft producer Dan Hay is bragging that while Far Cry 3, which debuted at Ubisoft's pre-E3 press briefing, will look "incredible" on PS3 and "fantastic" on Xbox 360, the PC version will be absolutely amazing, as PC users will be able to "dial it to 11," primarily because it's being lead developed on the platform."

jmac531987d ago

Am excited for this. Hope they bring back traps that you can lay in the jungle. Loved Farcry 2 but missed the traps.

sourav931987d ago

Well, you could use C4 in FC2, which were ideal for blowing up patrol jeeps.

1986d ago