Who Said Movie Based Games Are bad? Here Are The Top 10 Of All Time

Movies and video games have been working together since the Atari days, but the relationship has more often than not been a tragic one for each side involved. Be it movies to video games (in the case of the infamous E.T. for the Atari 2600) or video games to movies (anything bearing Uwe Boll's moniker), the track record for game/movie collaborations have been spotty at best.

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Neurotoxin3808d ago

....Now find a good movie BASED On a game?!

You will struggle with a Top 2!.

Itachi3808d ago

there is one great game that never makes any movie to games list and thats Dragon the bruce lee story on SNES

it was a great game and had co-op any of you remember this great game

The Wombat3808d ago

The movie is very underrated too. I still have Dragon on my SNES, I think it's a blast and it's even got Bruce Lee's awesome "Cat getting kicked down a flight of stairs" howl in it

Nevers3808d ago

never played (or knew of) the game but that is one of the best movies. Bubbles to you...

AnalFace3808d ago

scarface was so bloody great.... better than GTA... dont believe me.. go play it.

LJWooly3808d ago

Goldeneye 007 may have revolutionised the genre and all... but playing it today is a right chore.

dork07833808d ago

Scarface KICKED ass it should of been #1 WHat the hell! but anyways I thought the driving in the game kicked ass too.

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