Wii U: Double Fine’s Founder Considers Wii U Support

GameBandits: "Is Double Fine founder Tim Schafer considering Wii U support for his studio’s games? Some fans just cannot help but wonder. At least one has asked the question, addressed directly to the founder, via Twitter."

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Titanz2441d ago

Then they won't develop for the Wii U. It seems farfetched at this point (Wii U not being supported by 3rd parties, that is).

Dno2441d ago (Edited 2441d ago )

that was stated about the wii also when it sold more then the rest. However 3rd party games still did not sell will.

This system can be different but with a low install base for a least a year its still not a sure thing. Its best to make games on ps3, 360 and portable games on 3ds for now.

MySwordIsHeavenly2441d ago

No way! Whoever makes the first great JRPG on the Vita will be sitting on a gold mine!

LX-General-Kaos2441d ago

3rd party games did not do good on the wii because the other consoles got the 3rd party games people actually wanted. Who buys dead space extraction when u can just get dead space 2?

dark-hollow2441d ago

But look in the bright side.
On launch, there won't be too much competition between games on wii u.

Instigator2441d ago

That's really big of them to consider.

But seriously, if you're going to develop for PS3 or 360, why not spend that extra dollar porting it to the Wii U too? It's not like with the Wii where every multiplatform game had to be dumbed or scaled down tenfolds to work. It's not necessary to shoehorn in "unique" and "exciting" features that "takes full advantage" of the controller.