Push-Start: Chris' Top 10 Zelda Games

Push-Start: - When people think about the Legend of Zelda, they automatically think about Ocarina of Time, admittedly, it is one of THE greatest games in the world, but there are other Zelda games in the series and they all have a lot to offer and maybe more than Ocarina of Time. I was watching a video about some other guy’s top ten Zelda game’s and it got me thinking, what are my top ten? Well some in the top five may not surprise you and some might do. If my friends and fellow readers know me well, I am a HUGE Zelda fan; it is my favourite gaming franchise. It always allowed me to go back and collect more things other than thinking ‘I have completed the storyline….now what…’. So, I am going to go into what my favourite ten are and why they strike me in that way! Skyward Strike…NOW!

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