Skyrim? More Like, Highrim: On the Use of Drugs in Video Games

Sto Austin of DualShockers writes: "I was playing Skyrim the other day, heading north on the road out of Whiterun, when an Argonian approached me. I’ve always been rather keen on lizardmen, so I stopped to listen to what he had to say. “Hey man,” he hissed, fighting a telltale junkie itch, “you wanna buy some skooma?” I didn’t hesitate, knowing that to do so would be taken as a sign of weakness. Instead I did what any rational bosmer rogue would do; I ran him off the road, killed him, and took his drugs, his money, and his shoes.

It didn’t strike me as odd how naturally such a grisly response occurred until I was miles away. Without a second thought, I had unleashed a Tarantino-esque attack on the hapless Argonian, leaving him to be picked clean by dogs while I traipsed about the land, cranked off my nut on skooma."

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ninjahunter2494d ago

The only drug i need to help me fight dragons is 37 sweat rolls, 14 vegetable stews and 15 lamb legs. Nuff said.