CliffyB suggests 'lite' versions of games to undercut used game sales

Cliff Bleszinski suggests a new sales strategy for the budget-strapped gamers.

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EVILDEAD3602433d ago (Edited 2433d ago )

I'm a Cliffy fan but I think lite versions of game would be do more harm than good for the industry.

You have games that honestly are 60 dollars and the single player cam[aign is all gamers really care about. If you tell me I can pay 30 dollars for Bioshock or Uncharted 3 and then tell me I have to pay another 30 for the multi-player, the developer is NEVER going to see those multi-player dollars from me.

Games like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 sell incredibly because they have an aspect of the game that keeps people coming back. It's so good that people even bought Elite. Online passes in that case is pretty effective.

But, I'm not going to lie, those passes have kept me from buying certain games used. It'll be interesting to see a publisher like EA release some stats as to how many people buy their passes after getting a game second hand.


Megaman_nerd2433d ago

"the single player campaign is all gamers really care about."

I don't know about that. In the case of Call of Duty most people would just buy the online portion then, no one ever plays the single player anyway.

Blaine2433d ago

I haven't read the article, but if it's as simple as selling sp and mp separately, count me in! So many games with tacked-on mp I don't give a shit about, I could have saved a few $$$ there.

EVILDEAD3602432d ago

@ Megaman,

You misread my comment..

You have games that people really only care about the single player campaign..Bioshock, Uncharted etc.

If you charge seperately for the multi-player for THOSE games, the developer will never get much of the revenue for the other portion as most would care less.

As for Call of Duty..they have not only made it worth the 60 dollars, but they then got money for Elite which bridged stats from the earlier titles.

Activision wouldnt be stupid enough to seperate their revenue because just like you pointed out, the multi would win heavily in that case over the single player campaign.

If they went to these models then what would be the use for retail? Everything could be sold on Live and PSN.


khan_saab2432d ago

i also agree with you on everything. i do not like the online pass but that has prevented me from buying used copies of games, however i only buy a game with an online pass when it is discounted. the most i spent was $40.00 for a game with an online pass new, and i'm sure i am not the only one

snipes1012432d ago

What I find ironic is that many of the publishers moaning about loss of sales in used games are rolling in cash like they need another million jillion dollars. Save for a few cases, I think it just comes down to greed.

SilentNegotiator2432d ago

"but if it's as simple as selling sp and mp separately, count me in! So many games with tacked-on mp I don't give a shit about, I could have saved a few $$$ there"

In theory, perhaps.....but I can just see publishers selling the SP for $40/$50 and the multiplayer for another $40/$50 if they went for a model like that.

Kurt Russell2432d ago (Edited 2432d ago )

I think companies are getting too greedy. They blame production costs, but I think there are other ways they could raise revenue if they are truly struggling.

Lite versions, and DLC codes simply detract from the gaming experience - and puts me off of a lot of games as you can generally tell what games MP is going to be populated right from the off... A lot of games would benefit from 2nd hand sales keeping their online portion alive.

If they want to go down this route then they should offer me money back when they fail to live up to their games hype... Because if not I will want to trade my old poo games in, like I do all my other unwanted products.

Like I say, it's just greed and people are spending less money as they have less money due to greedy corperations.

AngryTypingGuy2432d ago (Edited 2432d ago )

Only a select few franchises would really see those multiplayer dollars if you had to pay to unlock it. Halo, Gears, COD, possibly Uncharted and Killzone, along with fighting games (including WWE and UFC)and racing games, but that's about it.

@Kurt Russell - it's not greed. A lot of money goes into making those games, and so many people contribute in making them. A game has to make X amount of dollars to support them all, and not every game that comes out will be a blockbuster. As a customer I don't like the idea, but I understand why it would be considered.

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mugoldeneagle032433d ago

Lite versions of games work with iOS because everything is digital and it's easy to download, delete, and redownload.

It's a cool idea, but with consoles still very much involved in the Retail industry, it would probably cost developers/retail stores more money to carry two versions of the same game, three including CE's.

Perhaps in 5-6 years though? Wouldn't be a bad idea.

DanSolo2433d ago

Danny D suggests that seeing as; Cars, books, music, dvd's, clothes, furniture, ect ect ect can all be bought second hand, that the games industry should just accept that it is a part of life and move on rather than trying to squeeze every last drop of money from gamers!

TheMysterion2433d ago

Rise! Take to the streets! We want freedom to buy used!!!

SilentNegotiator2432d ago

More importantly, I want the freedom to SELL my copy of the game, and not in fragments.

And hey, I don't normally buy used or even sell my games. Not unless the game is really short or crap. But I want that freedom, and I want publishers to stop cheapening the things they sell me.

omi25p2432d ago

Considering 1 game can sell more than an entire car manufactures full range of cars I dont know what publishers R bitching about

StayStatic2433d ago

Sounds similar to some F2P models already available on PC , this idea of a lighter games sounds like a modified version of that and could potentially be a success if done right.

The Meerkat2433d ago

In my day we called them Demos.

Megaman_nerd2433d ago (Edited 2433d ago )

A demo is just a stage or 2 for you to try for free. Cliff is talking about a budget version like saying, you get the single player but not the online multiplayer but you'll be paying less for it.

Mr_cheese2433d ago

I just don't think it will work. A lite version is essentially a demo which we can already download from the psn, live market or already. But even if they was to release these to combat used games, I'm still thinking why would be choose them over a used full version that maybe be a pound or two more.

Just my opinion, but lite should stay as digital and not retail.

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