Planescape 2 Leads Kickstarter Suggestions for Obsidian Entertainment

GR: "In the wake of Double Fine's success with Kickstarter and the drive to crowd-fund their next adventure game, RPG developer Obsidian Entertainment took suggestions from community to do the same, and called upon RPG fans to submit their proposals for the company's next venture. Chris Avellone, creator of Planescape: Torment and a lead developer at Obsidian tallied the suggestions."

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coolbeans2413d ago (Edited 2413d ago )

As much as I admire KOTOR II and a few other Obsidian titles, do you really think a Planescape sequel (or spiritual sequel) has much of a chance to go shouler-to-shoulder with what tons of 'older' PC fans consider THE greatest story to ever grace videogames? I'm not trying to sound like a pessimist, but just look at the "Why Morrowind is 100x better than Skyrim" and you can see why I doubt a sequel will hold up to expectations.

Personally, I say go work on remastering/remaking the original title and strive to work on an avant-garde RPG.

Basjohn2412d ago

If they don't try of course they'll never surpass or match it.

Not running the race because you're afraid you won't win first place is the best way to never win at all.

kevnb2412d ago

they should just leave it alone, it will never be done right with todays publishers.

Voxelman2412d ago

Hence the Kickstarter...

Personally i would prefer a original IP