Teens kill 7-year-old girl by using Mortal Kombat moves

In Jamestown, Colorado, two teens have been charged with killing a 7-year-old girl by beating her with imitations of moves from the Mortal Kombat video games, prosecutors said Wednesday.

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gamesR4fun3836d ago (Edited 3836d ago )

16 and a 17 year old broke a little 7 year old girls wrist and caused enough head trauma to kill her... man i want to kill them myself babysitting the kid 2 jesus how can they be so f'd up .

MADGameR3836d ago

Teens are the most immature in their teenage horrible. The poor little girl did not diserve that! Those teens should be punished and should be kept from video games for atleast 15 years. I'll be damned if video games were to get banned especially since I am excited for DMC4 because of some idiots.

BrianC62343836d ago

"man i want to kill them myself babysitting the kid 2 jesus how can they be so f'd up?"

I can tell you how. They were drunk. I hope nobody blames videogames for this crazy story. Blame alcohol. The kid said himself he was drunk. If it wasn't Mortal Kombat moves they were doing it could have been something from a movie. They're dumb drunks.

Topshelfcheese3836d ago

Umm MADGameR...

I think you missed the part of them potentionally getting 48 years in prison, so 15 years from video games is the least of there worries. They are going to get more than there fair share of beating in prison, and when/if they get out, they are going to resort to criminal acts cause they've spent there whole life there, so why not just shot them now, and save us tax payers some money.

Armyless3836d ago

Was it the reporter's words? Something's fishy here.

"Told them to stop wrestling" is the only quote I see.

ReBurn3836d ago

As opposed to teens in their non-teenage years?

Feihc Retsam3836d ago

And to add to this...

They weren't 18. So, even if the kids were quoted as saying, "We were imitating moves from Mortal Kombat when we were beating her up so I figured I would 'FINISH HER'"

It doesn't matter because to the best of my knowledge, all of the MK games now have an "M" rating. So these kids should've never played it. That should clear video games of any blame.

ddldave3836d ago (Edited 3836d ago )

found a picture of them both

link to the video: http://www.thedenverchannel...

google ftw

the dude said he was too drunk to realize how hard he was hitting her, then he brought her to a bathtub and put a egg in her mouth to see she was not messing with him. that's so fcuking bullsh1t. i mean seriously, i've drank when i was 13 years old okay? i know what it's like to be drunk as hell, i had full self control of myself and i knew what i was doing a lot of the times, and when i was 13 i was a small tiny little boy. he's trying to use alcohol to get away with his crimes, that's just full BS, i think he and that s1ut should get the death penalty.


SMK0563835d ago

cut they head of like Saudi do with the killers

BLUR1113835d ago Show
robep33835d ago

RE your comment

I'll be damned if video games were to get banned especially since I am excited for DMC4 because of some idiots.



gamesR4fun3835d ago

Lay off the stupid they better not condem our preciouse games crap This isnt about you its about a little girl who will never get to grow up. The pain and emptiness her poor motherhas to livewith for the rest of her life. And the two ass holes who did it... Lets hope they both get teh full 48/years and sodomized regularly in jail....

Has a father and one who's lost a daughter I cant stand listening to you kids whine about your preciouses games. Show a little class and forget about the stupid games.

Jen5en3835d ago

Sometimes I wish people like you got body-slammed from the age of 7, that would save us the trouble of beating the living crap out of you later...

IntelligentAj3835d ago

I'm normally against the death penalty but this is ridiculous... If you can't kill them then at least try them as adults and give them LWOP. I don't give a damn how old they are, there is no way your not going to know that you are using lethal force, let alone on a child.

BLUR1113834d ago

whens the new mortal kombat coming out ?

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Prismo_Fillusion3836d ago

Children with violent tendencies choose to play violent video games.
Violent video games do not make non-violent children violent.

Get that?
The violence is in the person first, then they play the video game because of it. Not the other way around.

Also, in before anyone stupidly says "Fatality".

Baba19063836d ago

couldnt agree more. i love violent games. played Mortal Combat when i was very young, but if you ask anyone who knows me they will tell you that i am the most peacefull person ever. well maybe not ask my brothers hihi. but well. =D

projectile3836d ago

Agree, if I should choose to kill myself one day by jumping of a building because I saw it in a movie/game. I would not be killing myself because of the movie/game but just choosing a method known to me because I saw it somewhere.
If videogames really did make people killers we would have ALOT more of these things happening.

Jdash243836d ago

wow.....its amazing how horrible and stupid can be sometimes

LinuxGuru3836d ago


Pure Evil.

Two kids beating on a poor little child...both of those kids should be locked away for at least 15-20 years and have serious psychological evaluations.

Also, their parents should be taken into custody and questioned seriously regarding their actions and their pasts.

This is horribly disturbing.

Sickening, even.

BIGBAER3835d ago

In the future, YOU have two daughters; one a 17-year old and the second a 7-year old.

Your 17-year old daughter is chored with babysitting her younger sister, after school, while your wife and you work.

Your 17-year old daughter invites her boyfriend over knowing that YOU and your WIFE will not be home from work for quite sometime.

Your daughter's boyfriend is a thug-punk and your daughter is angry that she is tasked with watching her baby sister when she would rather be getting it on with her thug-punk boyfriend.

Thug-punk is hard and nasty; he's mad because YOUR daughter isn't takin' care of his bizniss.

YOUR 7-year old becomes the target of TWO horny, angry punks.

Minutes later she is dead.

Fifteen years? Remember now, this is YOUR daughter we're talking about! Do YOU still feel the same way? Would YOU feel the same way after YOU bury your 7-year old daughter? Who will you give HER Christmas presents to?


Don't always be so eager to placing blame on a "bad childhood." I've seen great people grow from the worst of conditions as well as total inhuman jerks come from the best of conditions.

One thing that is seldom taught in schools is that fact that certain people are just bad, BAD! regardless of how they were raised or the conditions of their childhood.

The two thugs----evil thugs---that murdered a 7-year old girl, deserve the maximum penalty the law allows---and more.

socsca3835d ago

So some people are born evil? That's the most stupid thing I've ever heard. Read a book, and stay in america, where there are a lot of people like you and a lot of fkd up teens apparently, you seem to go well together.

They seldom teach that stuff in school for a reason, it belongs in the minds of the ignorant who are too limited in their intelectual capabilities to actually understand how a human beings mind functions.

This is sad news indeed, horrible horrible stuff. You seriously need to do something about your society seeing as it is obviously going downhill and dragging others with you. But oh well, how much can you ask of a nation that voted a semi-retard twice? Nada...

Remove bubbles now, bye!

BIGBAER3835d ago (Edited 3835d ago )

Sosca, you live in a fantasy-filled bubble if you truly do not believe some people are born predispossed toward evil, bad or wrong-doing.

Obviously YOUR education has never taught you about sociopaths. I'll wager that you believe my use of the word 'evil' is taken from a religeous context. It is not. Evil is an appropriate word for anyone who takes human life without remorse.

I speak from experience and years of learning---unbiased, researched learning and years of heart-breaking experience: [ ]

Your deraugatory and bigotted remarks show that we do not share the same level of learning and background. Try using YOUR OWN MIND instead of repeating generic, apologistic talking points.

It IS unfortunate, be some people truly, simply, are born BAD. Wake up and use your brain for analytic thought, not populist tripe.

It's easy to hate and even easier to believe falacy. Truth is not always easy or forgiving. Truth offers no excuses to hide behind.

Skizelli3835d ago (Edited 3835d ago )

It's pretty pathetic when people like yourself have to result to America-bashing any chance that arises. You act as if America is the center of the world's violence. Europe has a pretty deep history of violence, too, my friend - a lot deeper than America will ever have - so don't act like violence, aggression, retarded leadership and eff'd up people are limited to America. You're only making Europe look bad by acting the way you do towards people you've never even met, from a country I'm willing to bet you've never even stepped foot in. Only lambs generalize a whole country the way you do.

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Baba19063836d ago

i just cant understand ,this kids werent 10 or smaller, they are almost adults. at least in Europe. i just think it is so sad.... something went really wrong in theire childhood, and its not Mortal Kombat, of that im sure.

Greek993835d ago

Its Jack Thompson coming!! *closes eyes and hides*

Greek993835d ago

Its Jack Thompson coming!! *closes eyes and hides*