Mass Effect 3 passive bonuses aren’t broken, just algebraic!

Some players of the Mass Effect 3 demo have complained that passive bonuses are “broken” or “buggy,” disallowing complete enjoyment of the small taste before the full game launches on March 6th, 2012 in North America (March 9th for Europe).

However, according to BioWare’s own Manveer Heir, a Senior Designer on Mass Effect 3, there’s absolutely nothing broken about the powers in the demo, they’re just mathematical!

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Grap2493d ago

i love algebra.. the other thing in math sucks so much!

Kal8532493d ago

I'd like someone to explain how your Barrier stat impacts the damage output of Nova for Vanguards. The description says that the damage is based on how much Barrier you have, but the listed damage and force total under Nova skill does not change when I increase my Barrier stat.

--Onilink--2493d ago

im guessing it just means how much of your barrier you have left, and not the specific number of you barrier stat(which technically should matter as well), so basically if you take damage and your barrier is low, nova doesnt do as much damage

Basjohn2493d ago

Easier way to get it I think is to see it as %-based. Probably Nova does X damage if Barrier is Y% full. So it never increases with a better barrier, rather just with the barrier being closer to it's 100% no matter what that actual value is.

Kal8532493d ago

I think what you and Basjohn are saying sounds likely. I can't think of any other scenario. That's somewhat frustrating though, because in the demo you start with a full Barrier bar, do a Nova, then it refills in like 3 seconds. So if I get into a fight and my first attack is a Nova, it makes no different how high my total Barrier is, it'll do the same amount of damage, assuming I haven't taken any hits yet. Does that sound right?