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To take his time too, and even more to arrive on PC, Alan Wake was perhaps a little lost on the way. Because if you waited a title for such long years, it is somewhat frustrating to be faced with gameplay a bit dusty, and which one will eventually turn quickly, even if the action is generally effective. However, Remedy Entertainment has excelled in the fields of directing, staging, and the atmosphere. Elements that serve perfectly the complex scenario in which this deep "psychological thriller" plunges us without difficulty. Alan Wake brilliantly fulfills much of the contract by telling us a story more intriguing and frightening, but its play deserved as much care to make it the masterpiece that so many had hoped.

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EVILDEAD3602130d ago

Better on consoles then..Remedy was right all

LightofDarkness2130d ago

No, it's just almost exactly the same and a bit dated looking for a PC game.

EVILDEAD3602130d ago (Edited 2130d ago )

@ Digital 'Delusions'

Or anyone else..lighten up on the fan kiddie pills I'm just joking..I could care less what they say about Alan at this point. Easily the best survival horror game this gen outside of Dead Space.


Letros2130d ago

Someones never played Amnesia

EVILDEAD3602130d ago

@ Letos

Not a PC gamer bro..not since the esrly WOW days.

But when I eventually get back into PC Gaming..I'll definately chaeck out Amnesia ASAP..always in for a good horror game


NYC_Gamer2130d ago (Edited 2130d ago )

It's the same lackluster game in my opinion just now on PC.still don't know how it got that 9 from ign.

DigitalRaptor2130d ago

And you draw that conclusion from where EVILDEAD360?

This is just more proof of your intense delusions.

Virtual_Reality2130d ago

Amnesia The Dark Descent is the best Survival Horror.

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beastlysensation2130d ago (Edited 2130d ago )

playing it right now...miles ahead of the deadbox version. 60 fps, all high looks astonishing, simple put, the best survival horror game this gen. Complete mind fuck, unlike those other games like...oh wait, those are just third person shooters with scare jumps, nm.