Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City: 2 Hours Multiplayer Gameplay

On Valentine’s Day Gamespot held a multiplayer tournament playing Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City. Here is some of the gameplay that was uploaded to YouTube.

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sandman2242469d ago

I must say that I think this game isnt getting the recognition it deserves. I personally will make this a day 1 buy for me. Its nice to take a break from all of the 1st person shooters. it reminds me of socom 4 but with zombies. I just hope that the aiming controls feel solid.

Rampaged Death2469d ago

You're buying a game that is going to live by the online community alone ? It's real risky and I can see it dropping in price quickly.

MasterD9192469d ago

I pre-ordered the CE for no extra charge through Amazon a while back and kind of forgot about it for a bit. It has been pretty low on the radar considering it releases next month.

This probably isn't going to be everyone's favorite game and those hardcore RE fans probably won't bite like they will for RE6 but I think it has potential.

Abdou232467d ago

Reminds me of Left 4 Dead

MizTv2463d ago

im going to get it. i think it looks fun and i like re