DmC Devil May Cry: 'Don't Worry' Says DmC 3 Director

DmC Devil May Cry has cause a massive stir since it was first announced, but Devil May Cry 3 director Hideaki Itsuno has explained to NowGamer why fans shouldn't worry. Quotes on the site.

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-Mika-2492d ago

Great news. Hopefully Hideaki comment would shut the dmc haters up.

OmegaSlayer2492d ago

What do you think he should have said?
"ZOMG it's so crappy that my testicules withered and fell, keep away from the game, it stinks like rotting rat crap!"

If you think Itsuno it's just honest, and he doesn't speak as a business corporate man you're naive and in denial

DragonKnight2492d ago (Edited 2492d ago )

Mika, you seem to be in every thread where the majority (at least this site's majority) of gamers dislike a game and you're talking about how great the game is/will be.

Look, the fact remains that Devil May Cry fans/lovers have legitimate complaints and fears about DmC. As Johnny said below, we love the franchise. We love the characters, the story, the gameplay, the worlds, the history and Tameem has crapped on all of that.

You want a good reboot? Take a look at Tomb Raider. That is a reboot done right. If DmC took the Dante we all know and love, and MAYBE made slight changes to his look (keep the white hair, keep the cockiness of his attitude/style, but maybe change it up a bit with a different take on his outfit, or maybe a different hairstyle as long as it's not too farfetched or against his style) but placed him in like a new world, or told a different version of stories we already know, then that could be promising.

People's main gripe with DMC2 and DMC4 had to do with mainly story, no one cared for Nero (though he's better than Dante Antoniades), and laziness of design. NO ONE complained about Dante, no one complained about the overall story of the series, not a single person complained about the combat or the weapons. But it seems that NT designed a game specifically to change what people thought wasn't broken (and that they loved) and changed it to something no one has faith in. When we look at the game, we can't see enjoying it. And that's the biggest and most glaring problem. All the other stuff is small in comparison to that.

We know what we like, we shouldn't be TOLD what we like. We shouldn't be insulted for liking what works and blamed for the subpar offerings of a subpar studio. This isn't hate, it's legitimate and genuine concern over how Capcom is destroying yet another beloved franchise by not listening to fans. AGAIN. It's bad enough that they try to gouge us with on-disc DLC, but they're also destroying franchises and ignoring fanbase feedback.

How can anyone be excited for that?

ReservoirDog3162492d ago

I just wonder, to everyone here who has a problem with this game: what if reviews come out and the gameplay/look/everything gets nailed by NT. And the reviews are done by diehard old school DMC fans. You play the demo and it feels perfect The stars somehow align and a masterpiece is made. Would you all still not buy it?

Just wondering.

Gaming1012492d ago

What is it with the Japanese and their obsession with very western looking girly boys with effeminate features, its as if all of Japan were populated by 13 year old American girls lol I mean who finds this new Dante the least bit compelling? Noone, and that's why we get this empty meaningless attempt at reassurance from the guy whose career is staked on this game being successful.

aCasualGamer2492d ago

From what they've shown, which isn't much at all, it looks to be a really bad game.

The Ninja Theory part of the game is about the renewal and redesign of the world, while still trying to keep the DMC vibe alive. I personally think this is just a DMC copy, with every part of the amazing choreography and great animations from the original developer team... missing. What true DMC fans want, is DMC 5... not a renewal or rebirth of the franchise.¨

I can't wait til this fades out and dies so that the true developers of the game can bring us back our loving hack and slash franchise.

I'm really hoping this is just a bad dream and soon i'll wake up to a Capcom announcement for Devil May Cry 5 with a BADASS Dante as the lead character, not some emo-goth-freak.

aCasualGamer2492d ago


Excactly... They copied DMC, made everything worse. Now they're like "heyy... don't hate us.. we made it cooler.. we made it more Anotniiadaes".

The gameplay is off, like some amateurs version of what the DMC gameplay is like. Dante character is emo. Nothing like the dynamic personality of Dante in previous game. This one isn't as dark as the other games, looks more... dare i say it... KID-friendly<---- my biggest concern with Ninja Theory.

There is nothing that can top the elegance and beauty of the old games. They are beautiful and dark, while still able to maintain that hardcore hack and slash feel of the gameplay. Perfect balance of darkness and beauty.

This new one is just pure garbage.

Capcom... just like you made all RE fans cum... can't you do the same to us DMC fans? Release the DMC 5 trailer already, and confirm to us that japaneese devs are back on track.

Gohadouken2492d ago (Edited 2492d ago )


Let's not kid ourselves . If you're a long time DMC player , you already notice stuff that already are at odds with the gameplay of past dmc titles . It doesnt matter if you enjoy the new game or not , you'd probably notice differences .

You guys can insist about some "what if" , it is still obvious .

To begin with there isnt even a "what if reviewers find it good ". They WILL , as seen by the way they judged NT past games and their outpouring support so far in articles and previews . They'll even try to guilt trip people about the game being overlooked , should that scenario repeat itself , and missing something great .

So no offense , but i dont give a flying rat's a** about the opinion of the media . They only copy and emulate themselves as trained monkey and follow hype and "scandals" wherever it goes .

Anyway again , from my perspective , the gameplay shown so far is at odds for multiple already discussed reasons with the rest of the serie .

In some damage control attempt we can see some compromise in design and gameplay , but it's not looking good , at least not to some of us .

specialguest2491d ago (Edited 2491d ago )

What are their obsession? Maybe it's not an obsession, but more of their society. In Japan, pretty boy types are on the top of the food chain as for as teen idols. You have mega popstars like Gackt who girls want to be with and guys want to be. Genesis' appearance in FF7 Crisis Core was based on Gackt. Squall from FF8 was claimed to be based on him. Furthermore, these typical Japanese video game characters don't look fully "western", more like hybrids between Europeans and Japanese.

Although western video game characters have gotten a little bit more diverse than in the past, you could ask why the west are obsessed with muscle bound rugged looking characters. In Japan, guys with big muscles who are not involved in sports are presumed to be gay.

Japan are making games to suit their society first and foremost. However, some developers like capcom are shifting towards what they think may appeal to the west. Example: RE5 with the muscle bound & ripped Chris Redfield.

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Acquiescence2492d ago

The only thing that'll shut up the DmC haters is if the game got full-on cancelled. That's not going to happen though, and DmC is going to be released no matter how loud the fanboys scream and cry.

And guess what - I'll be there to buy it day one!

fastrez2492d ago

Same, day one purchase for me. Can't stand gamers who get a chip on their shoulder because a game isn't what THEY specifically want. Would it kill people to be a little optimistic and transcend the negative, argumentative geek gamer stereotype for once?

No it wouldn't, but some people are incapable of being optimistic. If this game turns out to be incredible, then it's their loss.

OmegaSlayer2492d ago

I played both Heavenly Sword and Enslaved.
They were both games that, objectively were between average and good experiences, surely not masterpieces.

Devil May Cry franchise can count 2 masterpieces (DMC1 and DMC3)

So everything below the masterpiece bar (like DMC2 and DMC4 perhaps)is a letdown for a Devil May Cry fan.

And I seriously wonder how a developer that sucks with gameplay programming (both HS and Ens are boring unrewarding button mashers) and used to make games that are "only" good, will pull out a masterpiece with a fun rewarding gameplay.

As you see I didn't mention hair/emo look or whatever, only fact that matter into a game.

JohnnyMann4202492d ago

If Nintendo decided to outsource Mario and that outsourcer turned Mario into a skinny electrician who had a goatee and was a smoker we would be acting the same way.

Baka-akaB2492d ago (Edited 2492d ago )

tired of hypocrites who tell other to shut up about their feelings on a game , be they negative or positive , when they do exactly the same in other circumstances .

And like Johnny below said , nice try with the "hater" spin . We are actually DMC lovers .
The same can't even be said for half the supporters of the new game (at least around here)

Kurt Russell2492d ago

I will give this game a go too. It's a bold choice to go against the fans - so I will give them the benefit of the doubt until I've actually played it.

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JohnnyMann4202492d ago (Edited 2492d ago )

We aren't haters, we are DMC lovers. Dante was created 10 years ago and doesn't need a reboot. His looks and personality are ICONIC! We already know Dante and we love the character.

You don't change iconic characters like this. It's called pissing on your own brand.

Why the hell are we playing the real Dante in MvC if that isn't what he is supposed to look like?

Does anyone actually trust NT to make a fun game to play. Sure, they excel in story but their gameplay is mediocre. Their sales have been below par for a reason.

Also why the hell does Fake Dante look exactly like Tameem.

It gives the impression that Tameem doesn't give a crap about the property and only cares about personalizing himself in a game.

I didn't like what Michael Bay did to my Transformers and I sure as hell don't like what NT is doing to my Dante.

I ain't buying this crap. I am sending a message to Capcom.

OmegaSlayer2492d ago (Edited 2492d ago )

I agree 100%
The true fans can give at least 10 reasons why this game will suck without mentioning the look.

Also..."hater" is a word used by the n00bsmass that doesn't know how to articulate a discussion and a serious sensed reply comes up to my mind that testers had been called from the DMC community to see how the gameplay worked.
The fact that no excitement leaked is really suspicious of the (low) quality of the product.

Redempteur2492d ago

this pretty much it johnny.
You nailed it.
Dmc didnt need a reboot.
New blood was already in dmc4
Allthey had to do was to follow the dmc 3 route.
Is 2+ millions of copies sold that bad capcom ??
You wontget my money this time

Baka-akaB2492d ago

In the same subgenre sales only beaten by stuff like God of War 3 .

But i can't wait to see the excuses people will come up with , should the new one be under .

Duoma2492d ago

Amen to everything said above me up to johnny. At least some people "Get it". Because lord knows if George lucas outsourced the star wars brand or steven speilberg did the same with any of his movies to do "reboots" and the new directors basically sh*t on everything from the story, production, sound and characters youd best believe there would be an outcry. Anyone who says otherwise is lying to themselves and most likely didnt love the franchise to begin with.

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BugsBunny2492d ago (Edited 2492d ago )

Do you really think he would say anything else...if he actually meant this he would of said something at the start, it's obvious someone has told him to say it. Anyway I bet he was upset like the rest of us when the new game was shown off, especialy with the new Dante.

Mika by calling us "haters" you do realise that your calling the majority of us that. Yeah theres a lot of people upset over where this game is headed.

The game looks crap, the character looks bad, the gameplay can we not hate it, it's like NT wants people to hate it.

Anyway NT brought this on themselfs, not only do they insult fans and even the creator (Hideki Kamiya) but every time they open there mouths they make it worse for themselfs

Seriously it's going to flop, why don't they quit where they're ahead.

Oh and I would be more taken back from this comment if it was from the creator of DMC (who also hates where this game is going)...Hideki Kamiya. I mean Hideaki Itsuno is the one who directed the worst DMC in the series.

I hate people who call other people haters for standing up for what they believe in, yeah most of us don't like being treat like crap. I mean you have a FF13-2 avatar, guess you think the majority of people who hate that game are also "haters" /s

mafiahajeri2492d ago (Edited 2492d ago )

*Looks at article pic* Im worried...

princejb1342492d ago

idc that they are rebooting the franchise
is just the look of the new dante is lame
they really should change him up

fei-hung2492d ago

Great news, another DMC hater wants tameem will cry to succeed!

I have sh-t listed Crapcom for their repeated failure to listen to fans and by milking customers to no end.

Just when u think it cant get worse they now get dmc3 dude to assure us all is good. Well Crapcom, had u listened to ure fans in the 1st place, u wud not be in the position u r rite nw, hoping to turn ppl around to liking Sh-tFace may cry.

What u dnt realise is, all u r doing with the repeated "nooo dont worry its going to be great" articles is, u r peeing of the core dmc fanbase more n more.

When this game flops, some idiots in Crapcom will have a lot to answer for!

Taz Yamauchi2492d ago

That's what Hideo Kojima said about Metalgear Rising before tossing it into the trash can

fei-hung2491d ago

Difference, Metal Gear Rising is not a Solid Snake story, nor is it a stealth game, but openly says it is a hack n slash action game with Raidens story.

This means the original MGS is safe from being screwed as well as the iconic characters and story.

Also, Platinum games have proven they are friggin awesome and their combat mechanics for hack n slash I would say are probably the best (what would you expect the father of Devil May Cry). NT on the other hand have only proven to be egotistical, careless, disrespectful and full of excuses. Granted they know cinematics, but aside from that they cant do anything that DMC needs: quirky humour, intense fast paced combat, tight gameplay and stylish kick ass DMC atmosphere via dialogue, presentation and music.

With the above reasoning, MGR cannot not be compared to DMC and Platinum Games cannot be compared to NT.

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fastrez2492d ago (Edited 2492d ago )

I hope Ninja Theory does a good job. Really want a good Devil Macy Cry game again.

RememberThe3572492d ago

I bought the collectors edition of that game and it was a borefest in DMC terms. Half the f'in game is backtracking with Dante - Not fun!

Bimkoblerutso2492d ago

It's funny that even if you're just making a positive comment and not telling the Ninja Theory haters to tone down their fanboyism, you will still get disagreed to death.

That is the very definition of blind fanboyism. When they don't even think YOU should be looking forward to something.

VileAndVicious2492d ago

But they arent blind fanboys!!
They are DMC lovers! Theres a difference.

dredgewalker2492d ago

How can we be blind when we know exactly what we hate? Are you sure you're not the ones who are blind because you haven't given us any good reason to really give this game a chance. Any REAL fan would be pissed off when they changed everything about the franchise that there's nothing left that holds it to the original other than the name of the game and the character. And why would we spend our hard earned money to support a developer who only cares about his ego and not the fanbase of the franchise? My God talk about being blind the irony is thick with your reasoning or lack of it.

Bimkoblerutso2492d ago

I think it's safe to say that a "fan" becomes a "fanboy" when he or she doesn't even want OTHER people to be excited for a game that they themselves have developed a premature bias towards...and all for a game that isn't even out.

dredgewalker2492d ago

Call me a fanboy and a hater but at least I know the difference between the original and the fake. If they changed the title and the name of the game I assure you no one would know it was a DMC game. I've played Heavenly Sword (which was good) and Enslaved (which was meh) and it's safe to say that my doubts are not unfounded since the original DMC is a better game those 2. Westernizing Japanese games has never worked out for Capcom this generation since they lose their appeal and uniqueness. This game is not DMC in essence and in spirit, this is a different game pretending to be DMC. Hence I shall forever dub this game as the FAKE DMC.

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skyward2492d ago

Good to hear, but the recent gameplay vids were enough to convince me... can't wait

Captain Qwark 92492d ago

same, the new dante still looks lame but the game looks crazy so all is forgiven. day one buy for me!

Bosna12492d ago

are you guys serious? this new "DMC" game is an insult to DMC fans

fastrez2492d ago

How do you know? Have you played it?

Megaman_nerd2492d ago (Edited 2492d ago )

30 frames, unreal engine, canned combos.

unknownhero11232492d ago


not mention the fact that it's made by a developer who creates okay games and has a hissy fit if it doesn't sell well. Do I even need to mention their arrogance?

VileAndVicious2492d ago (Edited 2492d ago )


"We dont have to play it! Any TRUE DMC fan would know!"

.....*sigh* Whenever theres a DMC story its like having the same argument over and over again. Only with a rock. Logic doesnt apply here. Please dont try and use any.

These same so called "fans" (I use that term loosely) of Hideki Kamiya the original DMC creator are a fickle bunch, I seem to recall 2yrs ago when Bayonetta came out the same "fans" complained about the PS3 version and rebuked him and Platinum they love hime and want him back.... wishy washy

HellzAssassin2492d ago


Their arrogance... that's quite possibly one of the main reasons why I shall NOT purchase the game. Aside from brutally destroying the franchise in countless ways; the constant pathetic comments they make does not make it any better. DMC):

Gohadouken2492d ago (Edited 2492d ago )


Barrel scrapping at its best . Everyone complained about Bayonetta on ps3 because it was a shoddy port from sega itself . Nothing to do with dmc , or platinum .

Better luck next time , many dmc fans were thrilled and still are , about Bayonetta .

" Whenever theres a DMC story its like having the same argument over and over again. Only with a rock. Logic doesnt apply here. Please dont try and use any. "

Indeed and always will be the same argument , since you guys wanna pretend the love you feel for a game you also havent played , is logical and warranted , unlike negative opinions .

After all we should only look up in trailers , articles and previews for positivity and glitters ... -_- .

But fine , you guys had your multiple chances to prove anything so far and failed :

- Wait guyz , wait for the first gameplay trailerz !! It's not fair to judge from an article and lame looking cgis !

- First gameplay trailer we found it shitty as expected . Waaaait guyz , wait a bit , it's only the first !!!

-following trailers , maybe better looking except with some trademarks crap , still no style close to dmc's soul , and some funky crap platforming that's even worse than dmc's already bad platforming phases ... but still not convinced . It's not fair to judge a game on trailers!

Fine let's wait and see come release day . We already know a few perfect excuses and rebuttal already in places , such as :

-People didnt give it enough chances

- It wasnt marketed well enough , XXX publisher dropped the ball

- It's because the 360 folks only play fps

-They were all ps3 fanboys mad over heavenly sword of all things , even the 360 owners not caring about it . (the best one so far for HS' failure)

- Of course they'd hate the game at release , they already made up their mind and would hate it no matter what (the clear winner in the upcoming months!!!)

VileAndVicious2492d ago (Edited 2492d ago )


Never said bayonetta was a bad game just pointing out the flaw in fan boy logic. I was here two years ago when there was nothing but hate articles for the ps3 port. I remember VERY well as I was one of the few who defenfed the game from the onslaught of "omg! The screen tearing on the ps3 port of bayonettaa
Makes the game unplayable!" Or "zomg the frame rate is awful and this game is is so sh#tty that I won't buy it new because platinum was negligent!"

If you care to you can revisit those articles it happened. Maybe you weren't one of those people but the masses here seem very fickle. Bayonetta was an awesome game regardless of it's technical flaws

Now on to this "you guys want to pretend to lobe the game"nonsense. I don't love it haven't played it. I will play it as im a fan of the series. I think the game pay looks fine. Yes it's different but whatever. Sometimes change is cool.
And before you go spouting off more nonsense yes, I own every DMC game, I've seen the anime read the comics and all that jazz. I'm open to a reboot, the story was getting kind of stale anyway. But anywho just like avengers the movie(which I personally believe will be horrible) I'm going to give DMC a chance because I'm a (as you say) true fan of the series. If it sucks. It sucks. The game is still coming regardless of if you want it to or not. And it will still probably sell millions because if the brand name.

I guess what I'm trying to say is, there are a thousand and one different things you guys could be doing right now read a book, go outside, go on a date with your significant other, or perhaps play some of the older games in the franchise. But stop ranging and raving about this damn game. Its going to happen. If you don't like it don't look.

undisputed2492d ago (Edited 2492d ago )

We don't have to play it to know that they killed Dante and this emo boy can't replace him. I don't care what they do. This isn't DMC without Dante in it...the actual Dante I grew up with when DMC 1-3 were announced.

Redempteur2491d ago

to :VileAndVicious

The ps3 port of bayonneta ON RELEASE suffered from very long loading times during gameplay and slowdowns ..

It was unnaceptable
1) This isn't Platinium fault ( they didn't did this port )
2) those problems were fixed less than a month later by a patch

Any complain on bayonneta wasn't on the game but on the poor port

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dredgewalker2492d ago

Let's just pretend that this game doesn't exist. I can't help but think that these fans of the new DMC never played the original. It's not just an insult, they are completely ignoring the people that made the franchise popular. Also without Hideki Kamiya's talent it's just an empty shell pretending to be DMC.

JoeSchmoh2492d ago

"an empty shell pretending to be DMC" YUP! Couldn't be said any better.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI2492d ago

Although I agree with you, lets get one things straight. Hideki Kamiya only worked on the first devil may cry, it's still arguably the best one too. lol

Inception2492d ago

Don't worry? we'll see that after we play the game...

Whitefox7892492d ago

And then we see which game is better DmC or DMC2 (Dante Portion).

Inception2492d ago

Lol and talked about DMC 2 i still had my copy of it. Back than i'm so excited to play the sequel of hard-stylish-kick ass-action which is DMC 1 ;)

But what i (we if i'm included most of DMC fans) got is a crap sequel that even capcom doesn't let Hideki Kamiya-san, the original creator of DMC, involved in the sequel :(
Capcom decision got Kamiya really pissed and i think in that moment Kamiya plan to leaving capcom. And honestly, i don't understand WTF is capcom thinking when they doesn't let Kamiya involve in DMC 2 -_-

Btw, before directed DMC 3 Hideaki Itsuno is the guy who directed DMC 2. Also he directed DMC 4 which is a bit of crap for me, even though not DMC 2 crap. So i take a grain of salt for his "don't worry".