3DS vs PS Vita: Which handheld is better?

Gamesradar : Next week, the PlayStation Vita arrives in stores… that are already stocked full of Nintendo 3DS’s. Which handheld is for you? Which should you buy, if you can only afford one?
Fortunately, we have both. We’ve tested both. We’ve gamed on both for months already. And we’ve got two editors willing to play advocate for this article (‘cause honestly, they wish they had enough money for both, too) to help you decide which system is right for you.

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Hisiru2465d ago

There is no "better handheld".

It's a matter of taste/opinion.

Agheil2465d ago

This should not have gotten the disagrees the VITA might be technically more enhanced but in the end it is about preference. I play my 3ds for mario games and I play my Vita for more hardcore games. It all depends on who you are.

Army_of_Darkness2465d ago

Obviously the PS Vita. There I said it;)

Hisiru2465d ago

Well, I just said the truth. I don't care about the number of disagrees.

ozstar2465d ago

So they should have no problem selling them then.........

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Knight_Cid2466d ago

opinion there is no better

for every 10 people who said the ds was better there were 10 who thought the psp was better

ronin4life2465d ago

I don't know wether those numbers are accurate, but the sentiment surely is. ^_^
Speculating over which is "better" can be fun, but the actual truth is that they will both be loved and worth owning. Show me a ds hater or fan, and I'll show you a psp hater or fan right back.
So lets all just take it easy, and not get all riled up everytime someone writes a decently written article comparing the two... ^_^;

dredgewalker2465d ago

Yeah it's so simple really. The 3DS is for Nintendo fans and the Vita is for Sony fans. Both devices cater to their own audience.

kikizoo2465d ago

it's all about facts, nobody can seriously say 3DS is better....except the 3D gimmick, vita is superior in every single way (like ps3 vs wii)...3Ds has also good games, but "wich is better", the answer is simple.

Venox20082465d ago (Edited 2465d ago )

if you think that's all about gimmick or performance, you are very wrong.. it's always, always about games...

Moncole2466d ago

It depends what you like better

MakiManPR2466d ago

It depends on what games you like. I personally had a 3DS and didn't find any good game I could like so I sold it( A week ago). And I'm getting a PS Vita cuz the games it offers are better for me. Also have all the PSP library(PSN) to choose from too cuz I never had a PSP and missed a lot of epic games unlike in the NDS where I only played Pokemon, Mario and Kingdom Hearts games. And I bought every NDS revision(NDS, NDS Lite, NDSi, NDSi XL) which I regret.

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The story is too old to be commented.