GameTrailers compares The Orange Box: 360 vs PS3

GameTrailers compares the Xbox 360 and PS3 version head-to-head. Which version is better? You decide!

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neogeo3719d ago

I have played both on 360 and ps3 and believe me when i say this..


I'm sick of this crap!!!

The Killer3719d ago

but base on this video, no one can say either is better! fanboys lets all accept the fact that most games that are multiplatform are identical now on both ps3 and 360! even if one version is a little bit better, it dosnt change the experience in a bit!

HarryEtTubMan3719d ago

lol there is no difference... BARELYYY

This port really isnt that least from what they just showed. O and by the way. Unreal Tournament 3 PWNS!

ngg123453719d ago

If this is accurate, then I can officially say there is something wrong with the review sites that gave this game 2 points lower because of framerates issue, and load time. Because if this is what I'm seeing then, the difference is really miniscule, compared to what reviewers have said. That said, I would agree there is a difference, but the difference isn't worth even taking away .5 or a point.

iceice1233719d ago

The 360 version is clearer and the PS3 version has been dulled down. We see this eveytime :)

Mario183719d ago

A blind Xbot... (probably hasn't even watched the video)

Kleptic3718d ago

The Zhuck version is clearer and theMart version has been dulled down. We see this eveytime :)

dantesparda3718d ago

Another fanboy comment from another typical fanboy. Who cares what he says. Its not a honest opinion. Its a biased one!

SIXAXISofEVIL3718d ago

God you are so COOL for making such an awesome and enlightened comment. I wish we could hang out. There's such a huge difference between the two and it's really important to point it out, because people will only see the difference if YOU MAKE REALLY PHUQING INANE BULLSH;T COMMENTS!!!

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Bilzac3719d ago

The Reviewers made it sound like a day and night type of difference..maybe during heavy battles the frame-rate shutters...dunno still thinking of buying this or ut3

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The story is too old to be commented.