Media Create Sales 12/10 - 12/16

1. [NDS] Mario Party DS (Nintendo) - 180,000 / 826,000
02. [WII] Wii Fit (Nintendo) - 124,000 / 535,000
03. [PS3] Gran Turismo 5 Prologue (Sony) - 116,000 / NEW
04. [NDS] Prof. Layton and Pandora's Box (Level 5) - 74,000 / 444,000
05. [WII] Super Mario Galaxy (Nintendo) - 74,000 / 550,000
06. [NDS] Dragon Quest IV (Square-Enix) - 73,000 / 868,000
07. [WII] Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games (Nintendo) - 64,000 / 212,000
08. [WII] Wii Sports (Nintendo) - 55,000 / 2,341,000
09. [WII] Wii Play (Nintendo) - 55,000 / 1,921,000
10. [WII] Chocobo's Mysterious Dungeon: the Labyrinth of Forgotten Time (Square-Enix) - 41,000 / NEW

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Blasphemy3810d ago

Good numbers for GT Prologue I wander how many downloads of the game there was.

TANOD3810d ago

116 000 refers to just the retail sales

However expect another 30/40k for PSN downloads

so in total around 150k ----FANTASTIC

uxo223810d ago

Can someone help me out here, is prologue a full game or is it a demo? Also, does anyone know what they are charging for it. And lastly if it's a demo, why is it being sold instead of give away like any other demo.

Also, if it's a demo, is the full version coming out soon and do you get to apply your demo purchase cost to the full version. I keep hearing conflicting stories.

Please advise. Thanks in advance.

sonarus3810d ago

probably 20-30,000. really depends how much JA favors retail purchase over digital purchase. I knw if given the choice i would go for digital jst to limit the number of cd cases i have and so i dnt have to get up and put the cd in. Also the fact that my friends and i can chip in for it to make 5 dwnloads is pretty nice too

gtgcoolkid3810d ago

I think the downloads will probably be around 30,000-40,000. I think at the least GT:P sales are quite strong.

Blasphemy3810d ago

I would rather have the hard copy myself. I just don't see myself downloading games on my HDD. Although the game may load faster if its not on a disc.

Ko_Uraki3810d ago

GT4P did 790k in Japan. I wonder if this can hit the 300k.
Nevertheless according to Famitsu GT5P didn't boost the hardware sales of the PS3.
PS3 is still doing far worse than the Gamecube.

turbogeek3810d ago

and this is only what, the second week and it already outsold that piece of crap lost odyssey? pathetic.

eagle213810d ago

keep that in mind. I hope your not a 360 fan, it won't see 5M ever in JP. Keep that Nintendo flop away from N4G!

HarryEtTubMan3810d ago

HAHAHAHAHA Sony is gonna over probally over 9 million sold by this end of 2007(its first year) and its selling like the Gamcube....NO. hhahahahaa YOU ARE FUNNY. And Expent PS3 to inflate alot next year even though in REALITY... it still wont be its biggest year... the PS3 is gonna be down to 250$ in 2/3 years...with a huge cataloogue of games and sale like that for 5-6 years...hahahh ITS NOT THE GAMCUBE FOOL. It's gonna sale ALOT AGAIN. PS3 IS AN AMAZING MACHINE. GO PLAY WITH UR WII WII

cooke153810d ago

lol 9 of 10 are on wii and ds. SMG sales are holding strong and will continue to do so. Lol at everyone that thought this game was a sales flop even though its the fastest selling mario game to date.

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The story is too old to be commented.