Resident Evil 6 Demo: 'Not The Only Reason To Buy Dragon's Dogma' - Capcom

Dragon's Dogma creative director Hideaki Itsuno has explained why gamers shouldn't just buy his game for the Resident Evil 6 demo. NowGamer has the quotes.

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ddelella2410d ago

RE6 reminds me of Crackdown when I watch the gameplay. I like crackdown but it is not enough to make me buy a game for a demo. This is a pretty lame sales tactic. I like RPGs but I like MMOs better. They need to develop a new PSU for Xbox 360. That market is just waiting for a good console game.

fastrez2410d ago

Really don't think it's anything like Crackdown.

But I'm intrigued, what do you see that makes the comparison for you?

Brownghost2410d ago

I don't see orbs around town, men in jumpsuits jumping over buildings or guys nailing headshots 100 ft in the air

chadachada1232409d ago

The funny thing is, reading the headline, I immediately thought of Crackdown.

Not because I think that the gameplay at all looks like RE6, but because the only reason I bought Crackdown was for the Halo 3 Beta. Heh.

Bosna12410d ago

no idea how a game where you can steal cars,leap over buildings,jump 100ft in the air,free roam can remind you of RE6..

Tanir2410d ago

lol yeah that comment about crackdown was dumb haha.

so dumb of capcom to pull this move, or for MS or w/e timed exclusive demo' sad.

i am buying dragons dogma on my ps3, not my 360, so capcoms gimmick isn't working

Grap2410d ago (Edited 2410d ago )

crackdown was ok game in fact i enjoy it more than that ##it RE5 but yah buy something just for beta or demo is dumb

Brownghost2410d ago (Edited 2410d ago )

Hope people don't just buy this game just for the demo like bulletstorm for the beta

Ghost2502410d ago

Im not buying dragons dogma to begin with. Just looks really lame