List Of 20 Best Steam Games Works On Window 8 In 2012

Nerdsmagazine :Are you searching for some Best Window 8 Games then this article is surely your cup of tea.As Window 8 is still in developer mode and few day back get announcement of windows store games for Windows 8 under which we got a list of games that will be available in the preview version of Windows Store.Those games are cool but not like games which actually we play.

Few days back i got a suggestion from Nerdsmagazine regular reader to add “List of Best Steam Games that works on Window 8”.And feeling this to be nice suggestion I’ve been testing some popular Pc Games which can be played on Window 8 using stream.And you can’t believe their are lots PC Games are available for gamers to play on window 8 .

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peeps2491d ago

Company of Heroes:
Game Genre : Survival horror, first-person shooter

erm what??

and Jericho makes the top 20??

BraveToaster2491d ago

Yeah dude. Didn't you play Company of Heroes? It scared the hell out of me.

phatpahari2491d ago

i know very well about that game only reason i didnt added that game is because i didnt chked that game myself on dev preview.

gamernova2491d ago

Aren't these games already playable on windows 7?

phatpahari2491d ago

i tested all these on developer preview for window 8...and all worked fine.I didnt made a best of best list for steam games its just an list for those games which every new user can play on window 8dev previw

gamernova2491d ago

Oh! I assumed that windows 8 had perfect backwards compatibility for all things windows 7.