Top 10 Games That Make You Want to Bone

Screwattack lists the games that make you want to get it on. Spoilers ahead.

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bobrea2411d ago

This is officially the most stupid article/video I've seen on this site. And when I saw that it was gametrailers I was even more shocked.

Paragon2411d ago

"Top 10 Games That Make You Want to Bone"

Really? Grow up guys...

ChiVoLok02410d ago

Well just to let you know, this article made me giggle like a little girl, so yes I need to grow up. Got a problem? :)

Hozi892410d ago

It's article like these that keep my mind from thinking about the amount of other BS articles running rampant on this site. It's refreshing to see diff. types of articles...

TheBossMan2410d ago

I literally haven't read anything above and simply clicked through to state my opinion on this:

Lingerie Models > Polygons... regardless of count, absurd proportions, fantasy features, etc.

Catalina Otalvaro, Adriana Lima, Amber Heard, etc. > Video game characters


mkgt212410d ago

more disagrees? how will we procreate?!

room4142410d ago

well lingerie models might as well be animated too cause it's pretty unlikely any of us is going to be procreating with them ( :

Tsuru2410d ago

Game trailers isn't the one who did this. It was put on game trailers. The original makers are from

For anyone familiar with that site most of the stuff there are meant to be silly. Maybe if you took the time to get to know the community there everyone who is hating on this video would say otherwise.

Do your research.

MysticStrummer2410d ago

"Maybe if you took the time to get to know the community there everyone who is hating on this video would say otherwise."

Not everyone likes low brow comedy. Deal with it.

ForTheFallen2410d ago

I don't recall anyone being forced to watch this and bitch, Mystic.

ATi_Elite2410d ago

Wow i haven't been on N4g in like 4 days and i see i haven't missed anything.

This has been the Official Worst Article Ever!

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Stansolo2411d ago (Edited 2411d ago )

For god sake, 'grow up'.
What a stupid news article.

pandehz2411d ago


I knew that one day someone would write an article like this on N4G

BoNeSaW232411d ago

N4G did not publish this article, gametrailers are the retards.

Inception2411d ago

Yeah, Ayane tits always made me want to bone...hngggg >:D

room4142410d ago

well at least one person wrote an honest comment

lol at all these 20 somethings trying to be "mature"

MysticStrummer2410d ago

lol @ people of any age that are turned on by animated characters.

room4142410d ago

It's actually completely normal and natural for heterosexual males to be turned on by the female form regardless if it's animated or not. It's no different from drawings or paintings which aren't real either and can be extremely sexy.

Maybe you just don't like girls.

Stansolo2411d ago

Grow up!
Stupid childish news article.

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The story is too old to be commented.