Top 10 Hottest Guys in Gaming

Explorers and soldiers and aliens, oh my! Isn’t it about time we shower some praise on the finer male specimens of the video game world? The best part about these guys is that they don’t care if you’re still in your pyjamas or eating instant noodles out of the pot - they’ll always be there for you no matter what.

Nothing like a little objectification of men and bad jokes to get your week started, huh?

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ANIALATOR1362412d ago

I would have placed Solid Snake second also. But I can see why he's tenth. Probably because he's extremely cold and cynical and doesn't care much for relationships.

BlindGuardian2412d ago

I think girls would take Chris before Leon anyday, unless they're into femenine looking dudes

Pozzle2412d ago

You'd be surprised. This is just based on my wanderings in forums and livejournal, but most female fans seem to love Leon BECAUSE he's pretty, has floppy hair, and witty one-liners.

Duoma2412d ago

-farkas? *puke* guy looks like he bathed in garbage juice no thanks.
-Leon looks like a girl with that haircut, Id rather have chris any day.
-nathan drake reeks of doucheness

Everyone else on the list ill agree with in one way or another :P

All in all I will say lists like this are always going to be subjective. what one person thinks is hot someone else will think is hideous.

MrDead2412d ago

Kazuma Kiryu from Yakuza, he runs a orphanage and can kick the crap out of a gang of 50 men. That would have the ladies fizzing in their knickers.

SaffronCurse2412d ago

Nathan Hale is pretty sexy

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The story is too old to be commented.