Star Wars: Episode 1 Strikes Back in 3D

All manners of people gathered in the foyer, partially reserved for the event. Microsoft provided Xbox Box 360 stations, allowing fans both young and old to try out the upcoming Kinect Star Wars title. The games were a great chance to warm up Star Wars fans for the main event.

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2491d ago
SaffronCurse2491d ago

The 3d sucked..waste of money to go see it just for that.

LightofDarkness2491d ago

This was NOT filmed with 3D cameras, it is using 2D image data and adding 3D in post-processing. This has unilaterally lacklustre results, nobody should be surprised that the 3D effects in these re-releases are garbage. It's just an excuse for George to put Star Wars in theatres again and rake in some more cash from people who never seem to learn their lesson about Lucas films.

Staude2491d ago

Concidering that the film was filmed in 2d, the results were, in my opinion Amazing ! .. I thought it looked extremely well and so did the ones I went to the cinema with. The pod racer glasses are also surprisingly pleasant :P

It was much better than I had expected. Especially after hearing people beat on the 3d effect. I think I had 2 or 3 times during the movie where anything felt flat. Other than that, it was incredible.

The 4k resolution at the cinema wasn't anything to scoff at either :P

El_Colombiano2491d ago

I loved being able to watch the movie in theaters again. The 3D was subtle. The way it always should be.