New Wargame: European Escalation screenshots

DSOGaming writes: "The 6 images of today, shows the very last preparation of the 8 nations getting ready to enter war in Europe. French troops are crossing Dangolsheim to reach Germany, while Polish and Czech forces are regrouping at Plock. American, British, German and Russian forces are entering the Fulda plains and are getting ready for the impressive battles to come, which will start in just a week, on the 23rd of February!"

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Red_eyes_Gremlin2412d ago

i have bought this game yesterday
Didnt play it at all thx to alot of bugs.

Bugs like:

Game lobby dont work like it shuld

Server Browser dont work as it shuld

"make game" words 50/50 - 50 % of the time the game freeze and crash.

But its a beta - so give it time and it will be awesome.
Its already 100000 times better then RUSE.
Ruse and this is not even in the same "ball park".

PiccoloGR2412d ago

yeap, it needs more polish but it already looks great.