Japan cautious on PS Vita

And why Vita needs Metal Gear, Monster Hunter, and some serious bug fixes...

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Vinster2492d ago

I can understand this. The vita launch in Japan seemed odd to me with the launch games. A software lineup such as Uncharted, Wipeout, Mod Nation etc are popular in the west but never was popular over there. Once the Vita gets some life simulation and RPG games for the system, there will be a surge in sales.

TOO PAWNED2492d ago

those games won't do much good in the west either. You can play better version of those games on your console. Same problem that was with PSP. Gravity Daze, Sound Shape(if that was the name), Escape Plan, those games are cool and seem unique for a handheld.

Launching again this late after your competition is just sad.

hellzsupernova2492d ago

it does suck and bigN nailed releasing Monster Hunter, several Mario games right when the Vita launched but i dont think htat will keep buyers away for long, its just such an awesome device!

MariaHelFutura2492d ago

I like how almost representing their console versions is a bad thing. I personally have not been in to handheld games at all, the Vita is the handheld I've been waiting for. For the simple reason, its games are like console games.

darthv722492d ago

a touch interactive dating sim. Seems those are all the rage in japan.

That and monster hunter.

Dante1122492d ago (Edited 2492d ago )

Serious bugs:

"Intermittent gyro and sound dropouts when playing Uncharted, and some trouble connecting to a PS3 or PC to transfer data - not to mention a total lack of support for Mac. Some complain that their thumbs obscure Vita's speakers, while others are calling for a quick price drop"

Thumb slightly blocking the speakers, no support for Mac, and people demanding a price cut. Serious bugs? More BS from the american media.

Half-Mafia2492d ago

Funny how I have the Mac Content Manager set up and ready for the Vita next week. And whats even more funny is that Ive had that application since last week when it got released.

Knushwood Butt2492d ago

That's what I thought.

I've had a Vita since December 17th and platted Uncharted. Can't say I ever remember gyro and sound dropouts to be honest and I've played it through 3 times.

Also, Mac support was already added with firmware 1.6

darthv722492d ago

do you find yourself using the gyro predominantly for aiming or using the stick? I tried out a demo at best buy and the guy showed me it can work either way.

Have you had problems with using both or does that not work? I did notice looking around using the stick was quicker and more responsive than the gyro. Neat idea for aiming using the gyro, I just wonder if you are aiming with the stick and you move suddenly (like adjusting your sitting style) that moving the unit will cause the aim to conflict.

GraveLord2492d ago

Capcom should port Resident Evil 6!

Baka-akaB2492d ago (Edited 2492d ago )

It is only ok at launch to have good but still inferior clones of your home hits on handheld .
Atfer a while you need to mix it up with original handheld titles and experiences .

Fortunately that's exactly what is starting currently

smashcrashbash2492d ago (Edited 2492d ago )

Are you joking? I mean am I the only one who has read through the list of VITA games that aren't simply 'clones' of their console counterparts? I mean are you people doing this on purpose or something?

Is everyone blind and not seeing the 3DS is doing the same thing, making smaller versions of games that you could easily play on a consoles or on the DS without buying a 3DS. Resident Evil, Mario Kart, Kingdom Hearts, Metal Gear Snake Eater, Ridge Racer, Zelda OT, Star Fox , STF4, Luigi's Mansion.

I mean what is going on? Are people out of their minds or something? Tell me people are not this blind and/or stupid. Tell me gamers haven't fallen so far as not to see all the potential the VITA has. We can't have sunken so low.

What about Gravity Daze, Sound Shapes, Dragon's Crown, Spyder, Sumioni, Escape Plan, Reality Fighters,Ragnarok Odyssey? Games like that. How are they not original handheld experiences? Have people run out of ways to diss the VITA and just making up stuff up now?

Baka-akaB2492d ago (Edited 2492d ago )

How the hell you managed to read that in my post is beyond my ken .

I never said the 3ds didnt have the same thing . And as expected it quickly changed , just like on vita .

Gravity Daze wasnt a launch title when the console first appears , nor some of your list . hell you even got non yet released titles

Stop pretending i'm dissing the vita , when i've always been one of its fans around here .

The vita did launch and still is in some parts , with as its most major games yet handheld version of existing stuff . It's understandable it aint exciting yet everyone .

Just like the prospect of the 3ds first few titles didnt excite everyone .

Hell if anything the vita is gaining good original titles way faster than the 3ds

tehpees32492d ago

Its mainly down to the releases there. They will appeal to the Western market more. Whenever systems release to rough starts the press always proclaims gloom and doom. We'll see where this goes first. The chances are by the end of the year the press will have eaten their words..... again

Blaine2492d ago (Edited 2492d ago )

It just... RELEASED.

If we've learned anything from the PSP, it's that Sony will not easily give up on their portable console. The Vita will be around for YEARS, don't worry. If there are issues, they will be fixed. If it's lacking in games you like, the games WILL come. If you don't like the hardware, it WILL see revisions down the road. Look how many PSP models there are.

Anyone who's complaining about the Vita already, I'll put it mildly, is a fucking moron.

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