Dragon’s Dogma: 7 Reasons Why It’s The Dark Souls Of 2012

Dragon's Dogma is looking like a great action RPG for fans of Dark Souls. NowGamer plays it hands and explains why you need to check it out.

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Knight_Cid2410d ago

1) It isnt an rpg.

End of article

Knight_Cid2410d ago

capcom has played it and theyve said and I quote

"the game is not an rpg"

Mac is OK2409d ago

So what if Capcom said it wasn't, it clearly is. It's an action RPG just like Dark Souls or Amalur. It has character progression, different sets of armor and character types. That makes it an RPG.

Elemental_2407d ago


So your pretending you know more than capcom now?

When it clearly isnt an rpg. Not even close
The difference is dark souls or amalur have features of an rpg. This game does not.

Its an action adventure

Zelda has character progression, different sets of armor, and in reality ninja gaiden has different character types

Clogmaster2407d ago

The guy making this game also said not to worry about the new DmC game, so I don't really take the PR statements seriously.

Even if it's not an RPG, it doesn't mean that it doesn't have a progression system that has RPG elements in it. So many people may still enjoy it thinking they are playing an RPG.

I think you're trying too hard to push Capcom's statement. It doesn't change how the game plays.

Elemental_2407d ago

A progression system is in most games when you get down too it and it really doesnt have a single rpg element

Its monster hunter without the rpg elements.

Ghost2502409d ago (Edited 2409d ago )

dragons dogma is not an RPG capcom have said this over and over. like c'mon stop making this comparison

Knight_Cid2409d ago

I know but just like gamers most of the media is composed of morons

Ser2409d ago

I'll be picking this one up, but not because I think it's this year's Dark Souls.

The game looks NOTHING like Dark Souls from the footage that I've seen. I don't even know why this comparison is being made.

Berserk2409d ago

Personally I think it has taken a lot of different things from different games. So far I have seen the game has stuff similar to Skyrim/Fallout, also Dark souls, even some more games can't remember which ones precisely. Nonetheless for me so far it seems like a day 1 game.

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