Guerrilla Games announced Killzone on PS Vita

The clash between the ISA and Helghast comes to portable console.

From its channel twitter officer, community manager of Guerrilla Games has informed that the team is developing a specific version of Killzone for PlayStation VITA.

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FriedGoat2289d ago (Edited 2289d ago )

Lets hope for some Online MP!
The main thing I see here though,
"There are no plans for remote play support for killzone 3 on PSVita"
As I suspected, Remote play is going to continue to be the crappy PSP compatability and performance. Classic Sony, Touting a feature and then not supporting it. They showed a Video of Killzone 3 in remote play and I swear thats false advertising. If KZ3 isn't coming then nothing else is going to is it?

AdmiralSnake2289d ago

True, I'm interested in the Story, Sony could use this as a way to build new Character development, for new Characters honestly. You know, so we can get the story from a different perspective. I do agree though, Sony does that a lot and it's annoying.

ginsunuva2289d ago

Sony doesn't want remote play because it may reduce Vita software sales. But they also need to advertise it because it's a cool idea - just they think like business people.

GribbleGrunger2289d ago


i partially agree with you on that one. i believe it's more to do with publishers and develops though. remote play is a feature that would definitely sell hardware, but it would also cut down on sales on other games of the same franchise, specifically made for the Vita. this is something of a balancing act for Sony.

FriedGoat2289d ago

I don't understand how me playing games i already own on my Vita will effect anything? The remote play only works properly in games from home anyway so... It just stupid.

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PirateThom2289d ago

Now it's on a Portable and, as such, not going to be "Killzone 4"... can we play from the Helghast perspective?!

Kyosuke_Sanada2289d ago (Edited 2289d ago )

I've been waiting for that since the first installment....

andibandit2289d ago

To be honest i was hoping GG were working on something else than killzone.

koehler832289d ago

They are. They said post KZ3 that they would be forming another group to start a new IP while they also continue to work on Killzone.

francknara62289d ago

They are.

Sony Cambridge works on Killzone Vita (with help of Guerilla).
Guerilla works on Killzone 4 AND a New IP (Heroic-Fantasy RPG bases on myths and legends from job-postings)

BigBoss19642289d ago

Awesome stuff but please Guerrilla hire some good writers you have the universe nailed but you don't know how to execute it, but then again I love the Helghast :P

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