Wii U Screen To Be HD and 3D?

According to a few recent patents placed by Nintendo the Japanese hardware maker has considered making the new screen for the the Wii U support HD resolutions and 3D gaming.

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jacen1002412d ago

this thing has a lot of potential lets hope nintendo are gonna knock this out of the park, it seem like they are leaving no stone unturned with the wii U and i think thay have a hammerblow coming at e3 with the 3rd party lineup coming to this machine

MakiManPR2412d ago

I doubt it. The controller is already too expensive and adding an HD & 3D screen will make it a lot more expensive and Nintendo want to maintain it at low cost as possible. I'm not telling it wont be a great idea but not Nintendo's.

Shok2412d ago

Doubt it. Nintendo wants to price the Wii U competitively so they'll keep the costs down as much as possible.

NukaCola2412d ago

Pretty much this. I think the controller will be like $100 alone or more. I have no clue what they are planning to do with this thing. I heard each controller is assigned to the user so there is no such thing as a random controller unless you have a Wiimote or Classic Controller. I think you may need the Wiimote with this thing too. So many questions. The confusion is not really intriguing anymore.

f7897902410d ago

I actually think they could get it to $50 or $60 for the controller. They just wouldn't be making any money off of it like console makers usually do.

I'm sure they'll be pulling a profit for each WiiU sold so it's not like they have to recoup losses. The only issue is selling it to consumers.

mike1up2412d ago

I think that there is a good chance for HD, 3D not so much...

All cost issues aside, 3D is suppose to be a 3DS feature. Why compete with your own handheld?

PopRocks3592410d ago

Might be an attempt to make the two more integral. We already know that the two devices will be compatible and the 3DS might even serve as a controller for the Wii U.

Instigator2412d ago

Keep the cost as low as possible, I say. HD on such a small screen wouldn't make a different at all. The Pad won't be the main play screen and will probably be in motion a lot of the time, or display 2D inventory screens or maps, so 3D would be an afterthought for developers and consumers alike.

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The story is too old to be commented.