Why Naughty Dog Shouldn’t Do Anymore Jak or Crash Games

The PlayStation and its games are growing up with a certain generation, thats why a lot of youth have come into gaming and latched onto XBOX because its the newest console contender on the block just like so many loyal fans left Sega and the Saturn for PlayStation. Yea we all started with Mario and Sonic, but we were really raised on PlayStation. I think most of us are all fairly around the same age give or take a few years but we are generation PlayStation. Where now all these little 12 – 15 years who started on Jak and ratchet have now been converted to the XBOX generation, because all they know how to do is to point a gun and want to shoot kill shoot kill... (Read the rest after the jump)

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Forbidden_Darkness2494d ago (Edited 2494d ago )

Even if Naughty Gods wanted to make another Crash game, they couldn't because Activision own the IP from what i'm aware of now and I doubt they would buy it back from them. As for another Jak & Daxter game? I think another studio will be working on one someday, like how Sly 4 is being developed by a different developer than the original developers, but Naughty Gods have moved on from those types of games, into more realistic and movie like games

morkendo232493d ago (Edited 2493d ago )

I"LL lay it out there plain and simple
NOTHING WRONG PLAYING CRASH BANDICOOT, JAX & DAXTER, RATCHET & CLANK,SLY COOPER,CONTRA type games.cant play Uncharted,god of war,Gears of war,Metal of Honor,CALL OF DUTY so on.... forever!!!! i would be BORED AS HELL with first person shooter games only.
i believe a gamer need VARIETY!!! to balance gaming experience.

Son_Lee2494d ago

If anything, they should stop making Uncharted games.

BugsBunny2493d ago (Edited 2493d ago )

Why would they stop making something which is amazing and still has peoples interest even today.


But it's ND, they don't rush to get something out, if they did we would probaly see U4 this gen. I'm sure by the time U4 comes out, it will be fresh and exciting like the last game. ND knows this, I mean even though U3 was an amazing game it's shown us that if another one was made this gen would be pushing it. I don't understand the disagrees, do people really want Uncharted to stop, bet your fine playing the same COD over and over

Kingdom Come2493d ago (Edited 2493d ago )

To reduce the risk of a decline in creativity perhaps? If Naughty Dog gave Uncharted the same break they have given to Jak & Daxter they could return with more interest, flare and motivation, full of new and innovative ideas.

Nobody is stating it'll become COD but look at how in the space of one installment, Assassins Creeds reputation has fallen due to lack of improvement.

deep_fried_bum_cake2493d ago

I don't think that it's that people want it to stop but people recognise that too many games in a series can make it stale and by holding off on making a new uncharted new IPs can be made.

deep_fried_bum_cake2493d ago (Edited 2493d ago )

Don't know why you are getting disagrees. Every game series has the point where it's best to stop and for me I think that it would be fine to leave the uncharted series with the 4 games it has produced so far.

If they feel like picking it up again in the future then fair enough and I'm sure that it would be fantastic but ending the Uncharted series for now would leave room to work on new IP's which given Naughty Dogs record for producing excellent new series would not be a bad thing.

On topic, I don't see any reason why they shouldn't make a new J&D as it's one that the fans are crying out for, but it's totally up to them.

SonyStyled2493d ago

i couldnt agree more, they should be making another jak and daxter

MakiManPR2494d ago

Really? a community article get in front page? You can easily tell he's totally a SONY fanboy. Saying that they shouldn't do another Jak and Crash(ND doesn't own the franchise anymore) cuz people has grew up is stupid. This mentality is what CoD and FPS genre has created and are destroying the Gaming Industry. Now if a game doesn't involve any shoot is nothing good which is really sad.

BugsBunny2493d ago

I would love to see them buy the rights back of Activision for Crash and make a true sequel, Crash Bandicoot 4. I mean Activision aren't doing anything with the franchise, they cancelled the last Crash game and with 2 teams now in the studio one could always work on one while the other makes Uncharted.

Jak 4 I would like to see Next Gen, I think the team that makes Uncharted are already at work making Uncharted 4 for next gen. I think the reason they made a second team in the studio so they could have at least one more game out before next gen comes around. In my opinion The Last of Us dosen't really feel like a franchise which could continue, I mean it depends on the ending but it would be nice to see a one off game being fully wrapped up at the end, so maybe that team could work on Jak 4 next gen while Uncharted 4 is being worked on

Anyway they should be made, both would be welcomed

Ocean2493d ago (Edited 2493d ago )

Hasn't stopped Syndicate from getting a reboot and I have fond memories of it on my Amiga 500

I hope the upcoming Jak n Daxtor collection sells enough copies to persuade the powers that be to do a 4th game....As for Crash, he would be more than welcome as well

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