Murder Your Maker (And Everyone Else) – Hands-On With Massacre Sim Prototype 2 [FMV Magazine]

Following a hands-on session with the follow-up to 2009's slaughter-fest, Dave McConkey writes: "For the sequel, Radical have released some press material they felt would capture the spirit of the Prototype world as seen by new protagonist Heller, using phrases like ‘Murder Your Maker’ and ‘Hunt, Kill, Become’. I have taken the liberty of editing the promotional material, to make it more in line with the reality of the game: 'Murder Your Maker - And Everyone Else'."

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DanJenkoFMV2433d ago

I've not really been a fan of Radical since they drove Crash Bandicoot into the ground, but this looks pretty good.

TrendyGamers2433d ago

Which Crash Bandicoots did they do?

DanJenkoFMV2432d ago

The last two, with the mutant things. I think they did Crash Tag Team Racing as well.

2433d ago