Pre-Order God of War III on Amazon Now

Onaxis writes: "A page for Sony Computer Entertainment and SCE Studios Santa Monica's upcoming semi-announced title, God of War III, has just went live on Amazon. This page allows you to pre-order the game now".

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Samer3053777d ago

Already yeesh I cant believe it. How does amazon know that it comes out on the 15th of november.

Megaton3776d ago

They just set an arbitrary date. They use that same date for a lot of far off games with undetermined release dates. It'll be changed when the real one is announced.

aaquib53777d ago

This should be interesting...

Relcom3777d ago

we both know the winner of that one

actas1233777d ago

The mail reason I bought PS3 is because of God of War... Gears of war 2 its cool but its another good shooter game...

TheTwelve3777d ago

Kratos eats Gears and spits out screws.----12

sonarus3776d ago

i am a die hard ps3 fan but i dunno if i can write off gears jst like that. Gears was the reason i bought a 360 however after i had fallin off hardcore gaming and was slowly playing games less kratos set me back on track. Epic are great devs and i doubt they can re create what they did on the 360 with gears of 1 being the best lookin game at the time however GOW stood as the best lookin ps2 game i wonder if GOW can stand as best lookin ps3 game. Won't be easy but will be interesting to see. I am definetly rooting for kratos though

Wii60_FTW3776d ago

you f*cking moronic PS3 droids talking sh1t about Gears of War when 90% of you idiots have never even played it. Gears is an amazing feat of gaming, much like God of War is, too. Both are fantastic AAA games. Don't be dumb.

shrimpboat3776d ago

I'll be buying both but more interested in God of War III. Kratos is the man.

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Filanime033777d ago

Woot i hope it will come out on november merry christmas to me and to the other ps3 owners next year. IF sony would bundle up GOW3 with the ps3 i am sure its gonna sell loads of console.

ygxbrayzie3777d ago

man i wish i have a ps3 just for this game,ff,mgs4,white knight and most of the ps3 BIG exclusive game

hotshot1273777d ago

god of war 3 should be spaced out. there releasing alot of big games in 08 already so they should keep god of war 3 for 2009 with hopefully final fantasy.

i think final fantasy will come out in december in japan and in jan or feb in the states.

sonarus3776d ago

i agree completely they need to space these titles out they have more than enough games hitting in 2008 a lot of their big franchises are expected to show face wouldnt be nice to leave 2009 lonely. All they need to do is show it at E3 2008 and the showing would probably enough to sell some consoles lol

shrimpboat3776d ago

They need to drop this game 2008 holiday because all of the other big name game comes out at the beginning or middle of the year, unless they get pushed back again.

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The story is too old to be commented.