PS3 update 4.11: EU products fixed by firmware

InEnt writes: It’s interesting how PlayStation 3 users outside of the United States get left in the dark sometimes, which has been shown perfectly with PS3 update 4.11 that seems to differ in firmware necessity by county. It was made very clear that this update would be optional in the US although UK users were not told either way.

It’s also worth pointing out that because the update is compulsory in Europe it’s likely the new firmware is to fix EU products. We also noticed this firmware completely overwrites, which normally skips 60-100% while installing.

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danswayuk2408d ago

I wonder what EU products were targeted by this firmware update considering it's only forced on EU users.

Knushwood Butt2407d ago

Actually, it's forced in Japan too.

Bags_BuzzFocus2408d ago

after that firmware update fiasco which knocked users off of psn for some time, optional updates should be the norm across the board. regardless of region.

WitWolfy2408d ago

Beats me, I thought it was for the PS2 games actually. There must of been some exploit they quickly had to patch or something is my guess.

krisq2408d ago

European PSStore was a little wonky yesterday. I've had a few timeouts which never happened before. Maybe this is a fix?

AcceptedWalnut2408d ago

Followed a twitter link for more information on this update from Playstation themselves but the link had no information at all lol

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