Alistair Overeem To Become Paid DLC For UFC Undisputed 3 In March

If you missed out on receiving a code from THQ to download Alistair Overeem don't worry. He's going to be released as paid DLC next month.

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calibann2496d ago

Wow....this is pathetic.

krisq2496d ago

"The Season Pass gets you the Fight of the Night Pack and International Pack, the Ultimate Upsets and Mixed Bag, UFC Heavyweight Championship contender Alistair Overeem and all unlockables."

Euthanasia782496d ago

I got the season pass on Xbox. I have Alistair. Idk what the author is talking about, but Alistair is more famous in the world of MMA than Brock. While Brock was piledriving the Undertaker, Alistair was winning the K1 heavyweight grand prix. Beating the likes of Badr Hari. Alistair just hasn't been in the UFC. He is now. Watch him clear out the division. Then I'll hear how this "new" Alistair is great. Eventhough He's been kickboxing for about 30 yrs, and competing in MMA for 20.

eddieistheillest2495d ago

I do agree with everything you said except he started training in 95 , had his first kickboxing fight at 17 and first mma fight at 19.

Euthanasia782495d ago

Yes, You are correct. I was being vague just to make a point. I've been watching Pride/K1 forever. I'm a huge MMA fan. I love Alistair. You are correct on the specifics tho. Alistair is a beast, and He is definetly NOT the new kid on the block. Thats all I was trying to say. lol

Drazz2496d ago

I got him for free.... They sent me an email with a code to unlock him.