Dragon's Dogma: Limited Edition Box, Paid Download Content, and Berserk Equipment

Andriasang writes, "Capcom also shared details today on some of the bonus items that will be included with the game at select retailers. "

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ElasticLove2469d ago (Edited 2469d ago )

That's f*cking awesome, definitely hope that bonus content (Berserk pack) comes to the states.

rdgneoz32469d ago (Edited 2469d ago )

Gutts' / Griffiths armor looks pretty damn nice. If it released state side, I might actually get the game just cause I love Berserk so much (really hoping the movie does well and they eventually continue the anime, the manga is a good deal away from where the series cut off).

p.s. Love its cheezy engrish theme song :)

ElasticLove2469d ago

Yes I love Berserk. Last time I read it, Griffith just defeated that emperor demon and in result created a huge castle for Griffith and his followers to live in. Really got to go back and read it again someday.

Tanir2469d ago

Soooooooo will get collectors if it comes to america with berserk armor.