Mystery PS3 4.11 update isn’t optional at all

Product-Reviews writes: At the moment, users over at the US Blog aren’t particularly happy with the update, not just because of the fact that it appears to do nothing, but the fact that Sony hasn’t been 100% clear on if the update is mandatory or optional.

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GraveLord2495d ago

Sucks for pirates and those with dial-up.

edwineverready2495d ago

It's mandatory in Europe. Optional in the states. maybe the people complaining on the us blog are european?

andron2495d ago

I live in Norway and it's optional here...

tr00p3r2495d ago

Why would Sony do such a thing? Their secrecy on updates is a bit irritating... no doubt we'll see the 'hidden updates' N4G post in a matter of hours.

RandomDude6552495d ago

It was optional for me.....

MrDead2495d ago (Edited 2495d ago )

I couldn't care what it is. Can I still play my games once downloaded? Yes. Good then it doesn’t affect me in anyway.

Bloomin whiny children!!

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