UK Market Research: Too High Risk to Stock PS3 Titles

Via Ripten:

"Let me preface this with the sentiment that I find this following retailer comments interesting, but not indicative of the whole of the United Kingdom gaming market. This is from one small independent retailer, and not from a main retailer such as HMV or Woolworths. I would still like to share my findings with you."

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Meus Renaissance3595d ago

You'll find that stores push the 360 more than the PS3 simply because the software sales are so good, in comparison to the PS3. Go to any retailer nowdays in the UK and you'll find 360 advertisements everywhere, more so than Wii! Whereas the PS3 gets a small part of the store. Understandable but if they pushed it more, it would get better sales so its a sad cycle its in now.

TANOD3595d ago (Edited 3595d ago )

u being an unbiased gamer is approving a SPAM

a random editor asked about the opinions from some random members at woolsworth ---that is not even a top gaming store in UK. GAME/HMV have released statements that they were very pleased with PS3 sales few days ago

on HMV chart PS3 is beating x360 in terms of hardware .same goes to Amazon and Play's no 1 store)


look at the charts of HMV (UK's biggest retailer, GAME, AMAZON UK and PLAY before making comments)

PS3 outsells x360 in UK too . It is not just seen in VGCHARTS --a site that inflates x360 sales for OCTOBER and NOVEMBER by 180k and 60k respectively

DONT base your opinion by looking at MSCHARTS data. Look for GFK's data before making funny statements

RadientFlux3595d ago

Not surprising since most retailers will push items that improve their bottom line and at the moment that is the xbox 360 due to it's game attach rate since that is where most game retailers make their money.

Not really negative PS3 news since PS3's attach rate will improve as more games are released.

Real Gambler3595d ago

A year ago, when I was going to any store in my area, I was pretty mad at the fact that almost every store where hiding the BluRay movies while hd-dvd where all in plain sight. Today, it's either 50-50 or there's even a few stores where BluRay are easier to spot. So basically, sales are obviously helping things.

Now, this story is about a small store. Where do you buy your games usually??? I buy them where they are the cheapest. And sadly, it's usually in the big stores. Sure, if I save only one dollar and the small store is closer, I definitively buy it at the small store. But sadly, it's always the other way around!!

robep33595d ago

Hi All

My local ASDA stock top 25 PS3 & 360 TITLES they always have a minimum of £5 off the list price with most titles in the £34-39 pound range.
They normally get 10 copies of each game into stock and I'll give you an example in my area when the following games for PS3 were released COD4,UNCHARTED,SIMPSONS,LEGO STAR WARS,ASSASSIN CREED,FIFA 08,PES etc they are normally put out day of release and by the next day
you are lucky if they had 2-3 copies of any of the games left it also
helps that the store is open 24hrs a day 7 days a week.They also stock
more Blu-ray than HD-DVD and they also sell QUICKER the Blu-ray & HD-DVD are sold for £20.


ravinash3595d ago

So what the hell was the point of this article???
Its like one tiny shop.

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TANOD3595d ago

"This is from one small independent retailer, and not from a main retailer such as HMV or Woolworths"

OMG.................i cant believe that some people are approving this

Nostradavis3595d ago

WOW, i can not believe you submitted a comment as an alternative source. THAT is abusing the system, grow up.


you guys are silly, arguing over all of this.

if your happy with it, why argue online about it?

if you cant play nice and contribute something positive or informative to this site, you should not post. its really depressing to read this mouthwash daily from the specific few.

youre practically turning news4gamers into feuds4gamers, and at the same time depreciating the value of this site with this nonsense.

grow up.

disgaea3595d ago

in Europe as a whole the PS3 outsells the 360

also how come GAME/HMV have released statements that they were very pleased with PS3 sales

TANOD3595d ago

PS3 at no 10....x360 is non existent

PS3 is at no 8....x360 at no 25

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mboojigga3595d ago

Not surprising just look at both US and UK sales charts and you see the software that is sold the most throughout the year. Nothing to argue or bring up but but but the PS3 does this and that. Yes in 1 year it took price drops added sku's and dropped sku's to get to this point and it still didn't top November sales. Keep it up fanboys fight the good fight you enjoy doing to yourself.