"Travis Touchdown is the new Duke Nukem"

Gameplayer has gone live with a hands-on take of No More Heroes. On the day that the new Duke Nukem trailer was released they infer that the games protagonist, Travis Touchdown, is modeled on the 90's legend.

"Make no mistake, this game is full on. Even if the blood has been removed, the swearing runs a good chance of scoring it a MA15+ rating."

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Relcom3646d ago

He is no Duke. He is to Duke like, Mario is to Kratos

wiizy3646d ago

you're not making much sense.. mario and kratos have two different similar content at all.. while travis and duke are actually more comparable... this game should be good

M_Prime3646d ago

what they mean is he spews a lot of bad language.. like duke did.. and its nice someone remembers DUKE and is making a character after him.. its like SON OF DUKE.. lets just say DUKE and those strippers had a good time one night okay?

also we know this game is coming.. DUKE NUKEM FOREVER may not.. i mean there is the TEASER and there is the interview (which i haven't personally read) but we've been down this road before.. so i'm not holding my breath by a long shot..

I WANNA PLAY THIS.. but i seriously hope that it is not released the same day as SMASH BROS.. or around that time.. cause it will not be easy to pick which one i wanna play..