Max Payne 3 Trailer 2 Coming Tomorrow

Max Payne 3 Official Trailer #2 is coming. Tomorrow February 16th at noon Eastern.

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BugsBunny2493d ago

I hope they adress most of the fans how it dosen't feel like a Max Payne game at all. I mean the first trailer made it out to be a full on action game and made Max out to be a Bruce Willis wannabe.

Not saying the game looks crap, it looks great but I want to feel like I'm playing Max Payne. Even those tec/gameplay videos when Max (flashback) comes on it looks great then when Bald Max comes on your like "What the hell....who the f*** is this"

Hufandpuf2493d ago (Edited 2493d ago )

"the first trailer made it out to be a full on action game"

Max Payne is an action game o_o

"I want to feel like I'm playing Max Payne"

do you want him going around with the same outfit and look he had years ago? No, I'd rather see postmortem Max when he is reintroduced after the utter hell he went through in the first games. He's old, fat, and bald. That's way more interesting than seeing Max 5 years later and he still looks like he's in his glory days. This gives us a chance to meet a new Max and not dwell in the same realm of young Max that we already know.

BugsBunny2493d ago (Edited 2493d ago )

It wasn't a full on action game, it was a storydriven action game where it didn't just rely on big guns, explosions and lots of shoot outs. It had a certain quality to it which made you stop to appreciate the story, setting and the things around you.

The trailer just made it seem like the noire feel which shaped Max Payne was gone, no teases to show you that those stylish cutscenes were in or the narration of Max as he progress's in the level. I mean first trailers are supposed to show off certain features and with most of MP fans feeling like Rockstar has moved away from what made the first two games so great they didn't really calm peoples fears about the third installment, they made people confirm their fears about it.

"do you want him going around with the same outfit and look he had years ago?" really think I was suggesting that.....obviously not. Why try and make something out of that...<sigh>

I just want to feel like I'm playing Max, not a typical bald bad ass like whats in nearly every other game. I mean they even got the old voice actor back, at least make Max look like...Max. I thought he lost his hair over the years but Rockstar makes him shave it off....why, what was the actual point in that, it makes him look less like a character we all know and love. As I said when you see the tec gameplay videos and he's on screen it dosen't look like a Max Payne game. You would think they would try and make Max look recognizable since they have seemed to change everything else about what makes the game...Max Payne. I'm not saying make him look young still, as I said before when he's their in the game with his hair and beard looking runned down it's great, he's aged obviously but he's still Max Payne

It just seems like they've changed to much and not respected what Remedy did with Max Payne 1&2. They say Remedy is involved but I think it's just something they've decided to say recently so old MP fans will calm down but if thats the case why didn't they say something at the start about Remedy. Anyway it's not like Remedy can do anything about it, Rockstar has control, all Remedy can do is nod their head and smile.

Hufandpuf2493d ago

I say, play the game first then talk about it later. This game is going to be good no matter what and as a Max Payne fan I can say I have no fear that the original games will be stripped of influence. I'm excited to see what this one has in store for us, there's only so many installments a game can take place in in a certain location.

And an Action game is a genre. It's no different than a "story-driven" action game. If you think it'll be all explosions and no substance than I see what your saying. but come on! It's rockstar lol, the guys that did Read Dead!

anonymous923482490d ago

Rockstar haven't disappointed me yet, so I'm looking forward to playing their latest game.