GameSpot - Is Handheld Gaming Doomed?

With only 12 percent of survey takers saying they'll buy the PS Vita, GameSpot's news team debates whether dedicated gaming portables can thrive in a mobile- and tablet-filled world.

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dedicatedtogamers2442d ago


Both mobiles and tablets have been around since the DS first launched. Arguably, the iPhone was at an all-time high during the middle of the DS's lifespan.

And yet...

DS sold 150 million and it's still selling. PSP sold 70 million and it's still selling.

It breaks my heart that so-called "gaming sites" always, always, always are taking the side of casual mobile-phone gaming without even examining the facts.

aceitman2442d ago

hey gamespot if its doomed so is your job . so think before u post some crap like this to get hits.

Dante1122442d ago

Real talk. Who gonna go there for a review on a $1 mobile game? Details on the new phone game?

LOGICWINS2442d ago

"hey gamespot if its doomed so is your job . so think before u post some crap like this to get hits."

If handheld gaming were to die off, wouldn't they still be reviewing PS3, 360, and PC games?

badz1492442d ago (Edited 2442d ago )

is living in denial! it's no coincidence that articles like this pop out here and there now with the Vita launch is looming near!

game journalist (most of you are just pretenders anyway) are missing the mark big time! Instead of being true gamers and be happy that there will be a new alternatives to enjoy great games on and give moral support and write supportive articles, all they do are being a haters and try to condemn it so hard like it has killed their dogs or something!

stop wandering in this industry if you hate gaming so much, MORON!!

Outside_ofthe_Box2442d ago

If the Vita were to have good week one sales the media and the blogosphere will be stunned in disbelief.

morganfell2442d ago

Well badz all of this handheld doom talk was suspiciously absent during the latest DS launch.

nix2442d ago

i was thinking of not picking up Vita as soon as it came out.. but just to piss off "journalists" like these.. i'm picking up one.

plus it's one hell of a freaking awesome device.

LX-General-Kaos2442d ago

Hand held gaming will never be doomed. The highest selling "real" gaming device right now is the nintendo 3DS

MultiConsoleGamer2442d ago

Hey GameSpot, I know your staff is full of idiots, but you do understand that mobile gaming also counts as "handheld gaming" and its doing quite well. I'm sure you've seen those Apple financials, right?

I'm not going to crow about great 3DS hardware sales, or the fact that Vita is already over a half million, I just wanted to point out the obvious stupidity of the average GameStop writer. That is all.

Knight_Cid2442d ago (Edited 2442d ago )

The worst arguement ever is comparing phone sales to systems. Like pc sales. And really? unreal? come on........and the games are terrible, he couldnt even defend that.

Brendan Sinclair has a real arguement with real figures

he wins

Khordchange2442d ago

Well I think nintendo is done dealing with this crap from the media, It's insane. Im sure this is the last ONLY gaming handheld from nintendo, the negativity is just too much. In a few years will probably see a nintenphone. They'll add their own spin to it like you can feel the touch screen or something like that. Im not dissing the 3ds guys(it is selling amazingly well out of the gate) but the negative is just getting insane at this point.

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The story is too old to be commented.