This RPG Is Topping Charts In Japan, But Americans May Never See It

The PlayStation Vita has been out for two months in Japan. So how is a PSP game topping the charts?

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Knight_Cid2496d ago

kotaku cant stop trolling huh

This is such a stupid topic for 1 reason. Are you going to tell me after a new system launches games are never localized for an old system ever?

devil survivor 2, gungir, growlanser are examples

the psp isnt obsolete

It is out o the question that they would release it in english as DD only because honestly it wouldnt sell as much as a physical copy. And plus that has never happened before.

If you were a real suikoden fan you would import.

"Though localization is never that simple, a digital release for the new Suikoden on the PlayStation Network seems like a reasonable and relatively inexpensive option."

It isnt reasonable, and cheap isnt good if it doesnt sell at all. And a physical copy is the only way it would sell.

Guess what? for years the psp will have a bigger install base than vita.

Its going to get localized


In conclusion the only way this game is coming here is with a physical retail psp edition. And quite honestly I think it will.

Really its best for konami, DD might be cheaper, but the profit they will make will be tiny compared to a physical release, and honestly thats we fans want.

And honestly kotaku got the same ansr all companies give to no name sites they dont want to give information too " we have nothing to announce at time" they will announce it at the right time and place.

And if they dont it wouldn't be the first unlocalized ever,


3000k psn sales vs 300k physical sales

trails in the sky 8k psn sales vs 100k physical

DD only is literally out of the question.

DD and physical actually makes sense.

Physical only makes sense.

GraveLord2496d ago (Edited 2496d ago )

Many Japanese games aren't getting localized since PSP died in America. A perfect example is Final Fantasy Type-0.

A good example of the PSP dying in America is the sales of the newest God of War.(Ghost of Sparta I believe) which are much lower than the previous PSP GoW. A complete flop TBH. This is probably the reason the games were ported to PS3.

Knight_Cid2496d ago

ff type zero is getting localized. That was 100 percent confirmed.

is gungir getting localized? is growlanser? is grand knight history?

is the NICHEST GAME EVER A VN ATOME getting localized?

sigh. Let me explain something to you. Sales for both games were very good.

And they were ported because sony is cheap and wants easy money. Thats why.

lbp was ported to psp, does that mean the ps3 was flopping?

broken arguement

the same amount of japanese games dont get localized for every system, snes, gba, ps1,ps2,ds, ect

tiffac0082496d ago

Well I hope they do localize this Suikoden game, even if its downloadable only and not part of the True Rune saga, its still Suikoden.

Knight_Cid2496d ago

its not going to ever happen dd only. That wouldnt make any sense for any company