Underrated Sega Saturn Gems |

Shawn Long of takes a long at some of the forgotten Sega Saturn titles

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triverse2493d ago

Noticed you didn't go with the usual suspects in your list there (thankfully) such as Nights and Guardian Heroes (my ex-wife claimed that as grounds for our divorce, lol). Good list there, nice to know there are people out there that understand the fun of an action based arcade title like Die Hard Arcade.

Also, thanks for actually discussing some of the points for Deep Fear (such as the import friendliness of the title). I have heard good things about it but no one really explained WHY it was a good game to import (I don't speak Japanese at all outside of a few greetings).

dedicatedtogamers2493d ago

My Saturn is plugged in next to all of my modern consoles. It's easily the best arcade console (with the possible exception of the Dreamcast). It has all the best arcade games of that era, especially the CAPCOM and Konami games.

SactoGamer2493d ago

I never owned a Saturn myself, but I do remember many nights of playing Worms at my friend's house back in junior high school.

SirNintend02493d ago

Saturn was such a good system. 2D fighters were the best on it!

Stansolo2493d ago (Edited 2493d ago )

One of my favourite consoles of all time. Just had street fighter collection and xmen vs street fighter and I must say they are both fantastic games.
(RECOMENDED A MUST BUY) Any one that wants to get into retro gaming make the sega saturn your first console to get, you will love it! Legend of a games console.

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