Iwata & Miyamoto’s Press Briefing: Reading Between the Lines

Reading through the press briefing may have felt just as interesting as reading through a telephone book. But you may have missed a ton of cool information.

So, we have collected the important stuff, thrown away the boring financial details, and read between the lines. Read more and come away a bit more knowledgeable about Nintendo.

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Titanz2493d ago

It's clear that Nintendo understands what's expected of them. The 3DS is picking up steam, and the Wii U is wind tunneling behind it (pun intended).

Shackdaddy8362493d ago (Edited 2493d ago )

I really like the smart card idea. I don't trust online shopping nowadays so I never ask the store to remember my credit card info. So instead of placing my credit card number in every time, I just need to whip out my wallet and tap it on the controller whenever I have to buy something. Easy-peasy. I actually hope this payment method catches on like it did in Japan.

If I'm getting all that right of course...

AWBrawler2493d ago

I like the Amazon idea and the card and NFC stuff. I trust them to give us something amazing

mike1up2493d ago

Excellent read, very exciting.

I am really interested in the point made about Nintendo splitting into 2 divisions (Miyamoto and Iwata). I wonder how this happened, and what could this mean?

Iwata mentioned "bridging" and communication between the 2 factions... strange.

Menashe2492d ago (Edited 2492d ago )

Well, Miyamoto is obviously in charge of all the EAD teams. So that's seven major teams right there. And they cover everything Mario, Zelda, and Wii...(Sports/Fit/Play/Music).

But, Miyamoto isn't watching over the five SPD teams, which deal with Metroid, Wario franchises, puzzle games, and Touch Generation Software. Nor does he deal with Retro, Monolith, Hal, or Intelligent Systems. So franchises such as Super Smash Bros., Fire Emblem, Kirby, Advance Wars, and Metroid have a subtle difference in feel than Mario and Zelda.

What would happen if the two sides of Nintendo began to have more of a say on the games on the other side? I guess that's what they want to find out.