Pokemon Grey to be Unveiled Next Month?

"CoroCoro magazine has revealed some great news for all loyal fans of the series. It appears..."

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BugsBunny2413d ago

It better, it's the main reason I backed off buying Black/White. Although saying that I now need a 3DS to play on it.....hmmm maybe I should wait untill E3 in June to see if they announce a slim version.

Shackdaddy8362413d ago (Edited 2413d ago )

Just wait till the wiiu pokemon game :P

ABizzel12412d ago

I hope it's true, because I held off buying both version to wait for Grey, and I hope it's not 3DS exclusive although I know there's an 80% chance it is, and if so I hope the 3DS slim comes out by then.

Misterhbk2413d ago

We've been hearing that this game is to be announced "next month/week/tomorrow" for almost a year now (since black/white released) and still nothing.

That being said I hope it does get announced. Just picked up a 3DS with the release of Tales of the Abyss so I'd snap up Pokemon as well. Assuming there's enough differences between Grey and Black/White.

helghast1022413d ago (Edited 2413d ago )

It's probably more in relation to Kyurem VS the Sacred Swordsman: Keldeo than a third game.

Quagmire2413d ago ShowReplies(1)
Brasi822413d ago

I've still got my fingers crossed for a 3DS re-boot of the original Pokemon. Please bring us back Charmander, Squirtle, and Bulbasaur. I'd buy that game in a heartbeat.

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