Naughty Twisted Metal Dollface Glitch Honours the Valentine's Day Release Date

Looks like the Valentine's Day release of Twisted Metal did this hilarious yet awkward glitch justice. In the video you can hear Dollface making the sweet sounds of pleasure. For a psycho chick, she sure know’s how to enjoy herself. And yes, the video is most likely NSFW.

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Legionaire20052412d ago

Sounds like a girl need to take a mean sh#t that just won't come out. Damn those addictive painkillers and the side effects that cause constipation LOL!!!

Syakinta2412d ago

Pleasure... no, she is giving birth to a child in the car.

Neko_Mega2412d ago

So wrong in many ways X_x

Lirky2412d ago

Maybe its his gf or wife making noise in the background it sounds like its in the same room and not the tv.

RandomDude6552412d ago

lol....check your "live in" friend and your wife

Lirky2412d ago

Or... maybe hes mocking sweet tooth so he light-bondages his wife or gf and told her to show some panic acting..

Tonester9252412d ago

Forgot my speakers were turned all the way up. It's 11:30PM in Cali right now. I hope my parents didn't wake up lol